Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Have a safe & Happy New Years

Lots of Love

Mrs Chic

2014 has been a long year, but I'm ready to say good-bye and say hello to 2015.
Another year has gone by and another day older, my how life is short.
Ok, Ok, enough of the sentimental stuff.

These products were my staples in 2014, that I would use everyday and probably use for the first part of 2015 until they run out. Not only do these products give amazing results and "staying" powers, they have helped me with many things, more confidence, and most of all have made me happy. Most men wouldn't understand how that one special product that you fall in love with can change you, can make you happy (yea were crazy) so this is my acknowledgement to those special, favorite products that's helped me along the way. "A GIRLS BEST FRIEND" products my favorite products.....

  • A - TRUE  Himalaya Black Tea Watery Gel Cream

 Himalaya Black Tea Watery Gel Cream - This cream hydrates and plumps my skin up after one application. I fell madly in love with this products after the first use. It gives results and it does it quick - Ive been trying to find the larger version, but no luck so far.I apply this 3 times a week in the afternoon

  • DEL*SKIN Cantella90 Power Ampoule

If you have sensitive skin like myself this ampoule works wonders. I tend to pick at my skin for faint imperfections and when I do, leaves a lot of redness, and or if you have a pimple and have a lot of redness around it, this ampoule get's rid of it. I do have lightly damaged skin so this works wonders and has actually made my skin sooo much better, its good even if you don't have damaged skin because it strengthens it to prevent damage. I apply this twice a week in the morning.

  • THE SKIN HOUSE Lavender Lightening Emulsion

This emulsion smells exactly like lavender and has a nice lightweight texture, its non oily so after you apply it, it absorbs quickly into your skin without any residue or stickiness which I love because I think most of us women do not like all that stickiness on our face especially if we have to apply makeup after - it lightens skin while moisturizing which is a perfect combination, miracle in a bottle I call it. It's a must have product.

  • MAKE UP FOREVER Mist & Fix

MUF Mist & Fix is a definate MUST HAVE after you've applied your makeup. Its lightweight, non sticky and moisturizes  while keeping your makeup in place. It also gives your skin a nice glow. I ALWAYS use this after applyinh my makeup so I don't have to worry about applying more makeup in a couple of hours. I swear my makeup lasted over 6 hours of partying and it still looked the same from when I applied it. Its that amazing. This 30mL bottle was 15$ CDN.

  • C+M Anti Spots & Freckles Intensive Whitening Cream
Stops melanin from producing and gets rid of dark spots and aging spots in under 2 weeks after using twice a day. This stuff is VERY hard to find and is usually out of stock because it really works and provides results very quickly! - This is a great product to have on hand at all times if you want to brighten your skin quickly.

  • TOO FACED Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick
I got this in "Peony" - a light pink with high gloss. I throw this on usually in the afternoon to give my face some extra color . Its a bit sticky but that's ok because it has a great hold for a few hours.

  • BATISTE Dry Shampoo Big & Bouncy XXL Volume
Days when I just don't have time to take a bath/shower and or my hair is really really flat with no volume I spray this all over my roots to give me some extra volume. Its quite amazing and it holds well, its like a hairspray/dry shampoo in one. How can you not have this?!!

  • URBAN DECAY Pulp Fiction Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay is known for a lot of fallout but the quality is outstanding. The colors are thick and vivid with the best hold I have ever had in a very long time. I've tried a lot of eye shadows in the past and Urban Decay is the best one on the market (IMO) This palette is a neutral/smoky look in which you can obtain, which is why I use it everyday.  Another great beauty staple to have which won't over whelm because there's only 5 colors in it, along with a mini brush, and a mirror
  • SEPHORA Divergent Makeup Palette
Rich in pigments, I use this palette mainly for contouring my face and for blush. The bronzer is stunning and not too over whelming, and the blush is a darker rose color, which I use everyday.
So there you have it! - My favorite staples I used pretty much every day for 2014 or the last half of 2014 - All of these will be hard to part with if I find something new or when I run out of it. If you don't have any of these already, I suggest you check them out. There ones not to be missed. I'm very picky with products, so these will not disappoint.


Mrs Chic


The holiday's have always been my weak spot for binging on goodies, pasteries, treats and many other things. These Mini brownies by Presidents Choice - Gluten Free are another holiday favorite of mine that I just recently tried. Not only are they gluten free, 4$ a bag, they are delicious, there better than the non gluten free ones which gives me horrible headaches. These ones are flaky with a bit of crunch and can be pretty addicting , but at 100 calories per brownie, make sure you keep count lol.

I'm all about ingredients but at this time of year (Christmas/New Years) I tend to let it slide a bit.
The only ingredient in these that I brown nose is the modified corn starch (MCS) which probably means these are NOT GMO free. I always usually buy my snacks from Bulk Barn because there reliable when it comes to selling NON GMO & GLUTEN free products, so if you don't know where to buy GMO free or Gluten free than check out your local Bulk Barn (Canada)
 Asides from all that there simply delicious and a must try.

These are about 3 inches thick and about 8 inches in diameter, so one of these are pretty filling *wink *wink* You can see how flaky they are which is a perfect compliment to the moistness inside, but not to moist and not dry.
I already had two of these today *CRIES* and now have to head over to my Mother's house for New Years Eve which will be filled with snacks and food *CRIES* lol - Oh well 2015 will be a great year for my figure, and sadly I will have to say "Good-Bye" to the treats.

Have a wonderful New Years & be Safe and Don't drink and drive if your going out.

Mrs Chic

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Brighten & Correct

Memebox Brighten & Correct box is probably one of the best boxes I have ever received.
I'm all about brightening products for my skin, so I knew this had to be a great box, and it was.
However there was one repeat in this box, Boscians 5th cycle repair whitening spot cream. I've actually received at least 2 or 3 of these that I can remember. It's alright though because all the other products make up for it as a whole. I paid 23$ +6.99$ shipping (CDN) .


1:Ariul Spa Water 24hours Moisturizing De-tox Mask 100mL (26$) - This daily cleanser penetrates deep into skin to remove impurities and blackheads. It also moisturizes, brightens and tightens.

2: Ladykin Broccoli Super Brightening Cream 60mL (14$)This cream consists 75% of broccoli extracts which helps calm, heal and brighten skin. It also diminishes the appearance of dark spots, age spots, fine lines and uneven skin tones.

3: AHC Hologram Collection Whitening Serum 50mL (89$) - A highly concentrated blend of camu camu berry, acerola berry, niacinamide, ice plant, kiwi, hyaluronic acid and tomato revitalizes skin for a brighter complexion.

4: WITHME White Perfection Hydrating Cream 120mL (43$) - Over 24,000mg of silk concentrates and ocean complex helps detoxify the skin of melanin pigments.

5: Boscians Cycle Repair Whitening Spot 15mL (24$) - Reduces signs of uneven skin tone and dark spots, while brightening up dry and dull skin.


This stuff smells amazing!! - but I'm not a huge fan of bottles masks, just because I find it hard to stay clean with application - kind of like DIY @ home hair dye - NOT FUN lol, but this is a great product and I will definately be using it.


This is the neatest thing I've seen in awhile. I know Stila had a CC cream that looked exactly like this, and I thought it was the coolest thing!! I never did get my hands on it, but this is even better, not only does it have an amazing packaging , it brightens your skin tone. The price tag on this baby scares me a bit because if I like it I will want to buy more, and its 89$ a bottle. Lets see if it works first shall we.


The packaging on this is very nice as well, its holographic and I really adore it - This box has to be the best one Memebox has curated so far in my opinion. This retails for 43$ , WOW another high priced item, another one I cannot wait to test out.

LadyKin Broccoli 
Super Brightening Cream

I own a couple of Ladykin's broccoli line of beauty products from previous Memeboxes, this will be my 3rd broccoli product to add to my collection. I have not tried the line yet, but after getting this I think I might try them all out now lol. You can't go wrong with veggies in your skin care regime.

Boscians 5th Edition 
Cycle Repair Whitening Spot

I already have 2 of these and I tried it once, but never actually had the chance to really test it out, I think it's time I try it for a week or two and see if I can see any results.

Amazing box, but its my second last box I have purchased. I have not seen any new boxes from Memebox that I have been interested in so lets hope we see some new boxes in the new years.

Mrs Chic

Holiday Keepsakes Face

Gahhhhh - Hubby picked this up at MAC for me for Christmas - I've been dying to get a hold of this MAC Holiday Keepsakes - Face Collection palette.
Not only is the cabochon embellishment amazing, the packaging is also glittery.

I've always been attracted to the Victorian era's so this really got me excited when MAC first launched this holiday collection.
This collection ranges from 13.50$-60$.

This palette is the Keepsakes: Face - "Natural Face" - 49.50$, which is currently sold out.

 The front of the palette is simply gorgeous.  Its embellished with a Victorian lady, covered in black glitter and lined with faux beaded pearls on the outer case. The case itself is a very thick plastic, nice and sturdy, with any kind of palettes... just don't drop it lol

The front closure is quite simple, press down and it pops open.
I just can't get over how gorgeous this design is.

 Featuring three (3) eye shadows - a cream color base - iridescent pressed powder - two (2) lipsticks - one mini lip & eye brush.


  • Sparkling Rose
  • In Good Taste
  • Royal Rendezvous
  • Heir of Sophistication
  • Filigree
  • Eloquence
  • Sass

I had a very hard time swatching this due to the colors being very light after applied so hopefully you can get an idea, of the pigments and how this may look on an olive skin tone.

I had to swatch the lipsticks 4-5 times to get it to show up... I'm really not sure what to think of this palette after taking these swatches. The eye shadows didn't have very much pigmentation to them, as you could see in the prior photo, and the lipsticks needed to be applied 5 times in order for it to show up, and probably would need more applications to actually give you that full colored lip.
The packaging is beautiful but I have to be honest, the quality of the product is not there, it looks very cheap when applied... maybe I'm just use to Urban Decay's over flowing fall out with thick color, but I would have figured MAC stepped up there game.. I guess not, now I remember why I broke up with MAC.

If your into collecting palettes than yes I would recommend this just for the packaging, but if your looking for quality makeup, this palette is not for you.

Mrs Chic
Sweet Dreams Deluxe Best Seller's Collection

Hubby got me this as one of the several stocking stuffer's he gave me, yay was I ever excited!
This is the "Sweet Dreams Deluxe Best Sellers Collection" by Tarte. I was in "awwww" when I saw the cheek stain lid embellished with pearls, its so darling! so I told my hubby about it and he picked it up :)
This cute little set comes with  

  • Tarte's Maracuja Oil 0.23 oz
  • Maracuja C - Brighter Eye Treatment 0.08 oz
  •  Cheek Stain in "Dreamy" 0.17 oz

They are deluxe samples, not full sized and this set was 23$ CDN.

 The sizes are deluxe, but you can get about 5-10 uses per product, which I think is ok, I mean we all know Sephora is expensive, so this little set is good if your on a budget or would like to sample it out before paying full price.

I've never tried the maracuja C-brighter eye treatment, but I excited to try it because Tarte has recently been getting into skincare products which is nice because they do not test there products on animals, and these day's its scarce to find skin care products NOT tested on animals.

The cheek stain in "Dreamy" is a rose - gold - (Pinky/nude), it glides on very sheer to a shimmer, its barely noticeable on my skin so the swatch didn't show up. This is more for very faint highlights on the cheek bone and can be used on your eyebrow bone. 

The set is darling, and its a nice add on to your collection.

Mrs Chic

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Today I went to Bayshore Shopping Mall and hit up GODIVA Chocoliater's  - Stumbling around the store I found this foursome of chocolate truffles for 16$. In the mood for something off the charts I purchased this wee box. Hoping to get something good for the 16$ I had just spent on 4 truffles....

The box and ribbon is pleather, the box itself is amazing quality so I assumed the chocolate truffles would be drop dead amazing.
GODIVA has been making chocolates since 1926 which originated in Belgium. Lady Godiva was the inspiration behind GODIVA Chocolates name.

(Lady Godiva)

"The famous story of Lady Godiva is the inspiration behind the Godiva Chocolatier name.

In the 11th century, Lady Godiva and her husband Lord Leofric lived in Coventry, England. Lord Leofric was a powerful ruler who was unsympathetic to the citizens of his kingdom. Lady Godiva, however, was a woman of great generosity who had dedicated her life to the impoverished and stricken.

When Lord Leofric imposed a heavy burden of taxation upon his subjects, Lady Godiva protested. In response, Lord Leofric set forth this challenge: If his wife rode naked through the streets, the taxation would be lifted. Lady Godiva was a modest woman, but she immediately agreed to this challenge to help her fellow townspeople."

"On the morning of the event, dawn rose, the bells chimed, and Lady Godiva began her ride wrapped in nothing but her lustrous long hair. The generosity of Lady Godiva led to more generosity on the part of the townspeople. The people agreed to all close their shutters to preserve Lady Godiva's modesty. Throughout the streets, the sounds of hooves echoed, but not a single glance fell upon Lady Godiva.

Upon her finish, thunderous cheers erupted throughout the town. Lady Godiva’s bravery and risk had won over the hearts of all who knew her. As promised, Lord Leofric eased his taxation of the poor and Lady Godiva's place in history was immortalized."

 "Centuries later in 1926, Godiva founder and master chocolatier Joseph Draps created a new line of Belgian chocolates with extraordinary richness, premium quality, and iconic style. He sought a name for his company that embodied timeless values balanced with modern boldness – much like our lady of legend. The choice became clear to Draps: He named his company GODIVA."

Now that my lovelies is something to keep in mind when looking at GODIVA'S price tags. What an inspiration- Who say's you can't have your cake and eat it too?! - Wait.. Marie Antionette... but that's a different story.

After opening I was presented with a mixture of intoxicating aroma's ranging from caramel to dark fondant, to nut's and vanilla, the smells were amazing, and I couldn't wait much longer.....First bite tasted like a symphony of euphoria flying down from the heaven's (No joke) - The truffles were thick and creamy, nothing like Lindt, or any of those other chocolates.... these my friends are chocolates. Every nibble filled me up, its so thick it  literally fills you up! The best thing about these is that the sugar rush does not crash you, it makes you feel good!! There is NO sugar crash.... 

Wow is all I can say.. Next time your feeling in the dumps, pick up a box for yourself and enjoy life, remember the finer and simple things in life, one good deed can change the world.

Mrs Chic
Royal Apothic
The Perfect Lip Collection

Royal Apothic has been my new favorite crush since November and I finally got my hands on one of there Holiday gift sets!! (Thanks to my fiance') 
The Perfect Lip Collection Holiday Gift Set contains four (4) Balmie's and four (4) Scrubbie's.

      The Balmies & Scrubbies flavors are :

  • Fig
  • Strawberry
  • Macaroon
  • Earl Grey


The scrubbie's are a sugar lip scrub that exfoliates dead skin from your lips, especially good in the winter time. Each scrubbie is a different flavor.

The balmie's are a lip conditioner which is mean't to be used after using the scrubbies - they help moisturize and replenish tired lips. Infused with argan & sweet almond oil.

Both the scrubbies and balmies are all a clear lucid color, there is no color to any of these products which is nice because the balmies can be applied on top of a really nice lipstick or lip liner to give your lips an extra glow.

Here I used Mac Heatherette satin lipstick underneath the balmie lip conditioner in Macaroon.

The balmie conditioner really compliments a lipstick, it add's a nice smooth, moisture, high gloss shine, and it's not that sticky!
 The best thing about Royal Apothic is that none of there products are tested on animals :)

Yay for Animal Friendly!

Overall I'm very pleased with this holiday set by Royal Apothic and I definately will be purchasing more of there products in the future!

Mrs Chic

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Arrogant Toning Up Ampoule

 I was soooooo excited when I saw Tahpre for sale in the Memebox shop because it's really hard to get a hold of there products - they only ship to Indonesia, Australia , Philippines, Singapore & Thailand, so I'm pretty happy about getting my hands on this, and hopefully getting some more of there cosmetics if this product does what it says it does and show's results.

A brightening and tone-balancing ampoule formulated with a blend of olive, peppermint, and red clover ferments which delivers rich nutrients deep down into the skin. The niacinamide, licorice, and morus bark complex effectively balances out uneven skin tone for a brighter, youthful glow.

Apply evenly over clean face both day and night. Massage the formula onto skin for full absorbance.

Yeast Ferment Filtrate, Olive Extracts, Niacinamide, Peppermint Extracts, Red Clover Extracts, Licorice Extracts, Morus Bark Extracts.

~ SIZE ~

On the back of the box I saw what looks to be like something out of a Bible?? "John 3:16" - This is not the first time a beauty product has had something written on there product from something out of a bible HopeGirl cosmetics from Korea also had something like this on there packaging, its kind of neat, but a little awkward...
I have no idea how religion ties into beauty cosmetics, but hey.. too each their own!

Besides these products being on the expensive side 45$, I adore the packaging, so here's to it doing what it says!

Mrs Chic

Birchbox Canada

 Yay!! Birchbox has finally come to Canada!! - I was so excited when I received the email from Birchbox that they were starting to offer there boxes to us Canadian residents. There's not many boxes that ship to Canada so this was a great little surprise! - Pop Sugar, and a bunch of other American boxes look amazing, but do not ship to Canada, and the ones that do have an outrageous shipping charge. - If your new to Birchbox, this is what the Canadian version looks like.

I pay 10$ a month + 4.95$ CDN Shipping which totals about 15$ CDN each month. They charge on the 1st of every month and ship on or before the 10th of every month.

I was delightfully surprise to receive such a cute box, with fluffy pink tissue paper and a generous amount of samples or name brand, and new brand products. - This box is definately worth 15$!
The box itself can be re-used for your makeup stashes, crafts or gifting! <3 I thought the little turquoise envelope box was adorable too!

 First thing I received is this Amika Nourishing Mask. This mask is for your hair, it suppose to give intense conditioning and repair to damaged hair. I usually don't use hair masks, but since the packaging on this is cute, I will try it tonight. It does however smell REALLY good!

 Vasanti's "BrightenUp!" is an enzymatic face rejuvenator, which exfoliates and is enriched with Papaya, Micro-crystals and Aloe!! This sounds promising!! - I'm all about products that brighten up skin tones so I hope this works!

& here we have another Harvey Prince product but this time it's a shower gel with pink grapefruit & vanilla. I've tried Harvey Princes roller ball perfume from Petit Vour and I loved it, so I'm sure this shower gel will not disappoint.

First time receiving a Benefit product in a subscription box so this was a +1 for Birchbox! - I know Ipsy was offering a Benefit product in on of there bags awhile back, but unfortunately for me I was not one of the lucky ones to receive it. I was never a fan of Benefit, but I do love there packaging. Great marketing that's for sure! - This is High Beam which is a highlighter, lord know's I have a lot of highlighters that I never used because they never stay on for a long period of time, but I have heard good things about this one, so I will be putting this to the test and see how long it holds up for without a makeup finishing spray.

TOO happy about getting this eyeliner from CYNTHIA ROWLEY. I've been an avid collector of her House & Home stuff - from fuzzy pillows to her blankets. I actually have two of her blankets that I purchased not too long ago, which are simply gorgeous! so this was the highlight of my box. Thank you Birchbox!!! This eyeliner is a simple black color. You can never get enough black eyeliners ;)

I'm totally sticking to Birchbox for awhile, the price if great, shipping is amazing, and the products are well worth the money! - Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!

Sign up for Birchbox Canada
Mrs Chic

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Laviolette Chocolatier

Finishing up my Christmas shopping downtown Ottawa, I came across Sugarland. Sugarland is literally eye candy! They have everything in that store ranging from chocolates, to Cindy Lauper bubble gum. I spotted these delicious chocolate bars crafted by Laviolette Chocolatier that I've never seen before. These are just a few of the varieties that they had for sale and at 4.95$ CDN each, I couldn't pass these up. I looked around for a bit, but eventually chose orea cookies, spicy dorito's and real bacon. I did crack open the spicy dorito's one and loved it, however my daughter and fiance' didn't agree. I'm gifting the other two (real bacon & oreo cookies) to a relative, so I have not tasted those (YET). If your ever in the Ottawa area make sure to stop by Sugarland on Elgin st, because these are just too good to pass up!!

Orea Cookie 35% Cacao Milk -Lait

What a perfect combination, Oreo cookies and chocolate.. enough said!

"Real Bacon" 35% Cacao Milk -Lait

I've heard of bacon and chocolate before but myself have never tried that combo, and again unfortunately for me I won't be trying this either due to it being a gift, but will definately be picking up another one very soon!

Spicy Doritos 35% Cacao Milk Lait
There's just something about chocolate and doritos being combined into a bar, it gets me all excited!!! I mean, how could you NOT try this?! or like it for that matter, pass the grape soda and pretzels please!

Happy Holiday's Chickies!!!

Mrs Chic