Friday, March 21, 2014

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and if you're a new subscriber, sign up and you will get 2 meme points = 2$ +3$ code = 5$ off!!
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Thursday, March 20, 2014


All  Monthly Subscription Beauty Boxes 2014

(Comprehensive List  -  Worldwide Shipping)





Hey all, So I've finally decided to purchase a handful of beauty box subscriptions all at the same time to review them and let you know which ones are good, and which ones are...... not so good. Taxes & Shipping can be a killer if you live in other countries, such as Canada. I'm currently n Ipsy subscriber, but I really needed to broaden my horizons.

So I Subscribed to Beauty Box 5, Her Fashion Box, Meme Box, Lipstick Factory Inc &  Ipsy currently, I MIGHT sub to Wantable makeup box, but I heard some not so good reviews about that company. Meh whatever, Ill probably go ahead and sub, but but I'm a little worried. Hmmm Ill think about it.  You ever get that little devil on you're shoulder telling you , you should "BUY SOMETHING NOW, DO IT, BUY IT" and than the other side , the good side says "NO, DON'T DO IT, HAVE YOU SEEN THE BLOODY SHIPPING & TAXES COMBINED?? DONTTTTT DOOOOO ITTTTTT" Ya, well that's exactly whats happening to me with the Wantable Makeup box. But the"bad" side usually wins,because hes so bloody calm and collective and straight to the point, as the good side has about 30 cons but it dose not  matter anyways cause you're going to buy it regardless and make up an excuse as too why.  Below I will post what I just Sub'd today!
(Lets see how long these baby's take to get here ) 

UPDATE: I ordered Meme Box Super Box 5# Instead of Wantable

Officially Obsessed#

All these subscription boxes ship worldwide. I have not listed boxes that ship only to USA Or Canada. I will list those subscriptions boxes on a seperate page. So this page is dedicated to everyone who can purchase these boxes.

Meme Box

Banila Co Special Box

Ships Out On 15th  2014 Of Each Month
Total  Cost (CDN) 50.98$ with Shipping (6.99$) - Minus the 2$ credit When you first sign up -- WORLDWIDE- Monthly Sub

This Sub Service looks soo yummy 
They have so many boxes I cant keep track of them.
These little goody boxes ship directly from Korea. Standard shipping is 6.99$ & express is about 20$+.
You get you're box within 2-3 weeks for standard and 1 week for Express with signature.
I stuck with 6.99$, 20$ is almost another box  -  Expensive#

HerFashion Box

 Ships out  8th Of Each Month
 Total cost (CDN) 34.95$ with HFB5OFF Code for first box - Regular - 39.95$ + (Free Shipping) - (CDN,USA,AUS) - Monthly Sub

 Her Fashion is based out of Australia. There's a mixture of goodies!!! So excited for this One.
Although, I heard shipping can take awhile.... Which I hope there's no problems with.

I chose  "Classic" Box. There are 3 styles too chose from
Classic, Feminine, Trendy

Take a peek!

Click Here

Beauty Box 5

Total Cost (CDN) 13.87$ Free Shipping  - Monthly Sub (CDN & USA)

Beauty Box 5 has other Subscription plans Check it out to see which suites you.
 You can't go wrong with the price!! 

Click Here

Wantable Box

Total Cost (CDN) 49.32$ +  taxes, Shipping (CDN&USA)

Wantable Has a Makeup Box, Accessories Box, & an Intimates Box for you too choose from, with a very detailed "Likes & Dislikes" Survey.

 Total Cost (Cdn) 16.97$ with shipping  -Monthly Sub (CDN & USA)

The thing I love with Ipsy is that there a multiple items that could be in you're bag, different items, such a good mixture. Great surprises, & awesome products!! They usually send 4-5 Deluxe Or full size items. They also have forums, contests, review's, collect points to redeem rewards and soo much more on there website, and for 16.97$ a month, this is one of my fav sub's!!

Click Here

Madame Ladybug

Packages Vary In Price (WorldWide) - Monthly

Here Is a list of Sub Boxes You can sign up for Monthly.
  1. Flow Control - 18$ (Usd)
  2. Pamper Me -  25$ (Usd) 
  3. Ultimate Indulgence Pack 33$ (Usd)
This Subscription box comes packed with Tampons, Pads, Chocolate, Tea, Food and sooooo much more!!

CandiGirl Box

Quartly Subscription Box - Ages 5-12
*Waitlist Currently*

There is currently a waitlist.
These cute goodie boxes are sent out quarterly a year..
I would love to get this box for my daughter, she's only two years old but she loves this kind of stuff!!
You can join the waitlist and they will send out an email when there is a spot available!


The prices and boxes vary

This box above is 29.99$ USD On sale.
 They ship to internationally, they are based from Seoul, Korea.
They have a nice little selection and there's  no hair pulling for boxes here as there is with MemeBox
Looks interesting although,they show the products before you get the box. I like a little surprise :D

Click Here

Lip Factory Inc.
22.00$ USD Or 30.00$ CDN Monthly

 This looks like an amazing Beauty Box subscription!! They automatically charge you once a month via paypal. If you want to cancel you will have to contact paypal. 30$ a month for Canada is pretty good, but I will review it once I receive my box and let you know :)
 *A percentage of each box will be donated to Compassionate Hands and Hearts Breast Cancer Outreach*

YesStyle Box
24.90$+ Shipping  Worldwide

Ok so, I heard that this box use to be 25$ with free shipping, but now its 24.90$ making you buy something extra from there website. I couldn't find anything under 5$ on there site, so that made me not want to purchase this sampler. I also heard that they throw in q-tips lol. I will stay away from this in the mean time.

K-Pop Beauty Box
Not active yet


Look  what I found!!!!!!!! Omg Im soooo god damn excited for this Sub Beauty box company to Launch. Unfortunately they don't have a date set in stone as to when they will be starting.They will be sending out luxury and Japanese & Korean beauty samples/deluxe//full.

They do have a website and you can sign up, which is good because you can get updated information as to when they will start accepting orders. Now I'm not 100% sure, but I think its for the USA only. They are located in California. Hopefully they have it open to Canada and international as well eventually, that's if they ever launch *fingers crossed*

Here's just some of the brands they will be featuring in there boxes

Click Here 

Petie Vour Box 
 Vegan Luxury Monthly Sub Box  
 23$ CDN- 15$ USD - 30$ INTL Per month.

This box looks amazeeeee, so excited!!! I myself I'm a huge animal advocate, and a vegetarian. So this box is getting sub'd to right now!! All the products are chemical free, animal cruelty free, vegan, and comes from independent vendors! Definately worth a try!

"Our mission is to provide access to the best animal-free products and make kindness the standard in the luxury beauty market because we believe that animals shouldn't have to sacrifice their lives for our pursuit of beauty.
In the Beauty world, luxury is no longer exclusive to labels who rely on animals for testing. After years of scouring, we have sifted through the clutter to find high-quality makeup, skin care products, and more that meet both your ethical and beauty needs. We seek out niche brands from across the country as well as high-end brands we simply adore.
We hold ourselves to high standards, so that we can be your leading resource for cruelty-free beauty products. When you join Petit Vour, you are joining a community and movement of fashion, awareness and discovery. You are contributing to the beauty industry in a positive way. You are casting your vote, supporting companies that are both conscious and of pure quality. Here’s a toast to you! For being bold and being kind. ♥ "

Click here

Prices Vary

There is a variety of different boxes, they're shipped direct from Hong Kong
The website is in SOME english. Its a bit hard to understand, so I'm going to stay away from this one...

Here's a picture of there March 2014 Box

Click Here