Monday, October 27, 2014

Superbox #59 Halloween Special

Is was soo excited for the Halloween Memebox, but I was a little let down. I mean yea, I will use the purple gel, and maybe the black charcoal eyeliner, but hmmm. I don't know Im not sure about this box yet, what I can create for halloween, Im sure I will figure something out and put it to good use, asides from the white Revecen primer base.. It has mold spores all over it which is frusterating me because my fiance' and daughter is allergic to mold... so out into the garbage it goes. Make sure to check your product before using it if you purchased the Memebox Halloween box!!

As you can see the mold is every where.... Its quite disgusting to look at, it gives me the jigglies.. ewww. So be very careful if you did order the Halloween box, and make sure to email Memebox about this if your's is contaminated.


1: ElizaVecca Lip Tattoo (14$)
2: LALANC Real Tattoo (5$)
3: Revecen Liquid Lipstick Blood 8mL (16$)
4: Revecen White Face Control Foundation 17g (22$)
5: Revecen Cake Eyeliner [Black] 3.5g (8$)
6: Revecen Supra Lining Color [007 Purple] 17g (30$)
7: Revecen Eyelash (6$)

 This stuff is like charcoal!! Literally, this stuff will not come off for days! I tried everything to get the swatch off but it's still there. I think I might stay away from this lol.

This is will definately use. The color is nice and it can be used for everyday looks for you're eyes! 

Overall this box was not worth what I paid for, especially since the mold on that one product I received. Very disappointed in this one.

Mrs Chic

Superbox #61 My Cute Wishlist #3

Gahhhhh, Memebox Cute Wish List #3! It is cute, but not that cute, especially that Hope girl Lip balm tint thing. I think I have about 5 or 6 of those dang things now.... stawppppp with Hope girl pleaseee, its giving me a headache!!  Asides from that, everything else is cute. I really do like the  Shara Shara cream container. This box could be A LOT "cuter" IMO, but I guess Memebox can only work with so much that they have. I did not order Memebox's cute wishlist #4, but I can't wait to see what' they put in that one. Hopefully it gets better and better with time.


1: Ddung Family Foam Cleansing Cream  [ Fruits ] 120mL (12$)
2: Shara Shara Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub 10g (7$)
3: Youngwoosa Oh! It's Lovely & Soft Cream 45g (47$)
4: Shara Shara Fairy's Make-up Synergy Sun Cream SPF45 PA++ 30mL (21$) 
5: TonyMoly Red Cheeks Girl's Patch 1ea (2$)
6: Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm 5g [Strawberry]  - (12$)

Is this box cute? Yea its cute, but borderline cute, almost "childish"? - I must admit though, I really like the Shara Shara doll cream lol!

Mrs Chic
Superbox #56 Yogurt Cosmetics

Memebox Yogurt Cosmetics box is a pleaser.

Im especially interested in the modeling Take-Out cup Pack, as well as the Strawberry mask, but due to my new found information regarding skin care and ingredients , I might have to stay away from from lots of products now... Having too much can be over whelming, but it can also ruin your skin!!! I will blog about that a bit later about important information that I found out from a Yale Professor about skincare.


1: Happy Bath Facial Yogurt Cleansing Foam 120mL (6$)
2: Purederm Skin Softening Yogurt Mask Strawberry 150mL (12$)
3: Rappol Rappol Calming Cream 150g (59$)
4: Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Pack - Yogurt 17g (3$)
5: Holika Holika I want Chu Lip Balm 01 Strawberry Smoothie 3.7g x2 (11$)
6: Puresmile Yogurt Mask Mixed Fruits 23mL x2 (5$)

Mrs Chic

Special #39 Cafe Box

Finally got home from a long vacation!!! - Several Memeboxes were looking quite lonely at my front door!!.Including the Cafe box, which is missing the dessert lip balm ... Not happy about that, because I will probably only receive like 2 memepoints for it missing... Lots to unpack and blog about so I will get on with the Cafe Box.


1:Vella Fresh Creamy Soap 100mL  (13$)
2: Tonymoly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream -In Scrub 95g (13$)
3: Cleomee Anti Wrinkle Donkey Lotion 250mL (83$)
4: Pure Smile [Original] Mask Sheet Herb Mask Sheet  23mL (1$)
5: Binu Cook Ice Cream Scoop Cacao Body Soap 70g (3$)

Ok this is one of the better boxes because it has a mixture of pretty much everything, not just one type of cosmetics.The ice cream scoop soap is darling and it smells delicious! I'm pretty excited to try this out. The Tonymoly scrub is more of a gimmick, its cute, but I won't be using this. I will blog about why later. Asides from the missing lip balm its gets a 3/5...Oh and the donkey cream....little iffy about using it... so 2 stars for the ice cream soap..

Mrs Chic

Friday, October 10, 2014

Global #15

I've always been a big fan of Memeboxes , Memebox Global's. There great if you're new too Memebox or want to try some new goodies every month that you wouldn't normally get in there themed boxes. Im sure you' know a lot about Memebox , and if you haven't there's a lot of information and pictures to whats inside on my blog. The Memebox Global's are 23$ +6.99$ shipping (USD) its a bit more in other currencies. I know in Canadian Dollars it's 3$ dollars more than the ticket price, which is not too bad....On to the contents.


1:Mise em Scene Perfect Repair Treatment Pack 180mL (16$)
2: Ariul Stress Relieving Purefull Cleansing Foam 75mL (8$)
3: Miss.Age Snail Anti-Wrinkle Serum 50mL (53$)
4: Mise En Scene Perfect Serum 70mL (9$)
5: Tosowoong Makeon Lip Manicure 30 seconds 5.5g (12$) - 04
6: TonyMoly BCDation All Master 20g (24$)
7: Shara Shara I Wanna Pencil Gel Liner (8$)

Im not so keen on the hair products, but everything else is a big hit!!!! Can't wait for Memebox Global #16 to be shipped!


Mrs Chic

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Superbox #54 PinkAHolic

I ordered the pinkaholic Memebox with my meme points from my blog reviews so this box was "free". I love pink, its one of my favorite color's so this box was one I had to pick up, and I'm pleased I did. Not only did it come with makeup, but it came with skin care products as well, which I was afraid that it wouldn't come with skincare products and only makeup products, so this is a nice mixture. Three makeup products & three skincare products gives this box a nice balance, which I like to see. The box was listed for 23$ +6.99$ shipping and handling (USD), but it becomes more in Canadian dollars. I almost purchase the Glow Glow Balm from the Memebox shop, but didn't which I'm glad. I like doubles but I'm very picky.


1: Insobeau Perfect Deep Clean One-Step Cleansing Water 200mL (22$)
2: Style Y Glossy Pit Crayon Lipstick 01 - Strawberry (11$)
3: Secret Key Color Recipe - The Pink Cream 55g (34$)
4: Shara Shara Aurora Liquid Highlighter 01 Pink - 9g (8$)
5: Awesome Awesome Glow Glow Balm 45g (35$)
6: Style Y Color Fit Bling Bling Auto Crayon Shadow 0.5g - 01 Pink (9$)

Style Y Color Fit Bling Bling Eye Crayon - Style Y Glossy Crayon Lipstick - Shara Shara Highlighter

Just you're average makeup products.

So overall not a bad little box!! Everything was pink as stated in the description, a nice variety of makeup and skincare products, so I'm a happy camper with this box :)

Mrs Chic

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mega Bloks: Underwater Castle

I originally purchased this as a Christmas present for my 3 year old daughter but the little sneak she is, found it in my goodie closet, stashed with several other Christmas presents lol. I gave in to her constant "pleading" to open it. It was a great price @ Target for 23.99$ regular 35.99$ CDN, so I'm glad I picked this up when I did. It comes with 2 Barbie mermaids, two seahorses and a whack load of accessories and Mega Bloks, which took me about 3 hours to build. - I find when buying these types of sets there's always a few pieces missing, but this one delivered and not one piece was missing, in fact there was at least 5-9 extra pieces :) - I do secretly love buying toys, same with my daughter, she's already a little retail princess, I think she's worse than me when it comes to shopping though, she has no restraints because she's so young.

This was the first piece we started, its quite easy to put together, the instructions comes in a nice booklet with color and easy to read instructions.

This was the 8th step and completed. Its a cute little seahorse with an underwater jumping ring to play with.

 This is the base of the castle. It was pretty repetitive putting it together, but was fun as well seeing the toy becoming completed.

and the finished product, which my daughter can't keep her hands off. She absolutely adores this little Mega Bloks set. Its a great purchase if you have kids or young relatives in you're family, it's also fun for adults :) I definately recommend this for Christmas.

Mrs Chic

Special #37 Wake Up Makeup

I finally received my Wakeup Makeup Memebox yesturday and I'm disappointed once again. The makeup is very cheap and not as high quality. I ordered this awhile before I told myself I would never purchase a "makeup" related Memebox again, due to the color selection being very one sided and the quality being very cheap. I will show you below of what I'm talking about. - There's also another Cheek room repeat, which is taking it's toll on me, and now I'am officialy never buying another Memebox Makeup related box again. - I paid 23$ +6.99$ (USD) shipping for this box....


1: Cellbydate Galacto Zero Essence - This came free with the purchase of this box
2: Royal Nature The Original Soothing Blemish Balm SPF30PA+++ 40mL (43$)
3: It's SKIN Babyface Eyeliner Brush
4: Shara Shara Glitter Pearl Powder 2.2g - Bronze Gold - (7$)
5: Shara Shara Creamy Dual Auto Eye Stick 1.4g - Holly Pink Brown (9$)
6: Cheek Room Two Color Lip Gloss 8mL (12$)
7: Bbia Downy Cheek 3.5g - Downy Peach - (12$)
8: It's SKIN Babyface Young Girl Gel Eye Liner 02/Purple/Black 5.5g (13$)

Shara Shara Glitter Pearl Powder - Shara Shara Creamy Duo pink + brown Liner

The Shara Shara Glitter is nicely pigmented, but will not hold for more than an hour..

Bbia Downy Cheek - Peach

This is a cream, mousse type of blush. It does not glide on peach, it glides on like a light pale pink, so I might use this.

The first swatch is the Cheek Room lip gloss......

 Royal Nature Blemish Balm 

This smells like Tea tree oil, its very potent. The color is a little too pink for my skin tone, so I'm definately passing on this one.

It's SKIN Babyface Gel Eyeliner 
Purple & Black

This has expired. Its cracked due to its expiredness lol - Its really dry and leaves no color what so ever. Pretty annoyed at this, because I will be waiting days upon days to get a response from Memebox.

Overall this box looks messy, throwing a bunch of items into a box to make the "value" go up does not sit well with me, especially if the products are tacky and cheap.

No more buying Makeup Memeboxes, there just not for me.

Mrs Chic

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pick Me Up's

I woke up this morning feeling very "Blah". I decided to take a little drive to the city and do some retail shopping @ Homesense. Homesense is one of my favorite stores, and I love that everything is updated daily with new arrivals and little knick knacks for you're home and tummy :D

I had my shopping cart full to the brim, and realized that I had an 11 o'clock doctors appointment, so I kept what I could fit in my hands and made a dash to the checkout.

I purchased this black glass candles by LUNA, LUNAR ECLIPSE "Absinthe + Onyx". What attracted me to this candle was obviously the packaging, and second, the scent. The scent is a very musky, romantic, mystical notes, which is hard to describe because its something I've never smelled before, but my senses love it and I will have to go back there once I have time to pick up a few other kinds. This was 7.99$ regular 12.99$ so I was pretty pleased with the price tag. The packaging reminds me of magic, mystical, paranormal etc. Love it!!

This was a last minute "toss onto the cashier" purchase. The packaging caught my eye and I need a little nibble for my drive back to home. Its made with 40% GHANA milk chocolate by Saxon Chocolates. I paid 2.99$ regular 5$ for this puppy. *Updated* - Just dug into this, and its beautiful! The taste is very light with a creamy texture, its very different than any other chocolate I've tasted before. The taste is not overwhelmed by sugar, but by an aromatic of cocao, light and fluffy. Omg it's heavenly.

*Shifty eyes* - I will pretend I didn't read this...

 Last but not least i picked up this cute storage box by George Stanley for 10$. Its great size box to stash my Memebox products! I've run out of space!!! - It is a neon pink, with gold accents on the outside, and red accents on the interior of the box.

 In the process of moving everything into this box. I should have grabbed two more of these boxes. There was a navy blue one, and a neon green one, and one larger neon pink one, but I was in rush so didn't have the time, damn it!!! The other ones better be there when I got there again or I will be sad.

Until next time Homesense, you ..... are mine!

Mrs Chic

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Superbox #51 My Cute Wishlist #2

I don't have much to say about this "cute" Memebox.... The only cute thing in here is the packaging for the iT's SKIN blusher...I expected to see CUTE products like the prior Cute Wishlist box, but I guess maybe Memebox ran out of things or idea's to put in the #2 one?? They also put a tacky lip gloss pot in the box which reminded me of grade 5, literally... and it's not even "cute" - I did cancel my cute wishlist #3 and #4, I do hope I don't regret doing so, because I'm quite the sucker for cute things!

Especially this cute little Fluff ball <3


1: RoseMine Perfumed Hand Cream 60mL (12$) - Nana's Lily
2: Sally's Box Friendly Berry Berry Lip Patch 8g (3$)
3: Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert 130g (18$) - Red Wine
4: Saint Peau Collagen Pudding Sleeping Pack 100g (36$)
5: The YEON Style Y Fruity Swirl Lip Balm 1ea (8$) - Lime Twist
6: iT's Skin Babyface Petite Blusher 4g (7$) - Baby Rose

Im actually passing out writing this post because it's 4:58am, and I've only slept 2 hours today , so forgive me if I'm not that into this post right now. I would have liked the "Baby Lavender" blusher, but the one I received would have had been my second choice, 

Hope Memebox gets the #3rd Cute Wishlist curated a bit better than this one.

Mrs Chic