Thursday, November 6, 2014


"Ticket for one please?”

Laudree ohhhh Laudree , you just had to open up a restaurant!! My heart is yours!!
Along with lounges and house functions, from makeup to tasty desserts, Laudree Paris has stolen the heart of millions, and wallets, but its all worth it. Dive into the luxury world of Laudree' with beautiful desserts, gorgeous restaurants, lounges and stunning makeup products, Laudree has it all, and a cup of tea!!! For two please!

Well, taking a trip to Paris is every woman's dream, taking a trip to PARIS to visit on of LAUDREE'S locations, is not far from a dream! In fact - its cheaper than you think! - All those coffee's , and espresso's you buy every day, every week, can actually be your ticket to Paris! Cutting down   "luxuries" that you do not need for that big ticket is easy, you just have to stick to it! - Don't use products that you have not even opened yet? SELL THEM!!! - Ebay, local events, local online sales forums can help you get closer to that dream, regardless if it's Paris that's your destination or not.

Buying unnecessary products that will just collect dust, is not an investment, it's a never ending road to hoarding! - I hoarded several of beauty products that I never even used, but woke up one morning and decided to stop it all. It was over cluttering my bedroom, closets and basement, oh don't forget my never ending "de-cluttering" ritual that ended up being frustrating and disgusted by so many different items that have never been used. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOTHING like what you see on the show "Hoarder's" its just that constant obsession of "want, want want" - "buy, buy buy" and it's all for?? what exactly" TO HAVE THE BEST AND BIGGEST MAKEUP, BEAUTY, CLOTHING collection EVER! DUH! - No.... stop, you are not a millionaire, nor the Queen of France.....Instead give items to charity, friends, family, and best of all RE-SELL, I cannot stress this enough, ALWAYS re-sell products you think are worth selling (un-used), there is always someone who will buy it, you may not get all your money back, but it won't be "all for nothing". Next time you dream of that jaw dropping destination, put down that credit card - say no and walk away, because life's to short, go out an explore it!

Mrs Chic