Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cacao Box #11

I'm totally loving this Cacao box! It all smells live chocolate, I've actually had to stop myself from eating some of these, because you just can't tell the difference!! All the products in this box is FULL SIZE!!!  My favorite product that they put in this Memebox Cacao box is the WondeRuci Brightening Mask, its divine!
This is one of the better boxes I've received, and you can't go wrong with chocolate! I do wish that they put in some "cuter" products though, considering chocolate is a type of candy.

Oh well, its a great box, and I've been using all of it so far :)


1:  WondeRuci Cacao Brightening Mask 100g (38$)
2: Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert Magic Cream Soap - Coconut & Cacao 130g (18$)
3: Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub Chocolate 25 g (11$)
4: Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash 200mL (7$)
5: Pure Derm Nose Pore (6) Strips Choco Cacao (6$)
6: Pure Smile Essence Mask Chocolate Milk 23ml (1$)

Very pleased with this Memebox Cacao box!! I would love it if they released a #2 Cacao box!

*crosses fingers*

Mrs Chic.

The Pink Diary”

Memebox has released a new box called "The Pink Diary". This box was collaborated with one of Memebox's best blogger follower "The Pink Diary", whoever that may be? The items shown in this box are listed below and the box retails for 23$ USD +6.99$ Shipping.

1. HOPE GIRL Tinted Lip Balm 01 Strawberry 5g (Full-sized product) 
 Scented with a delicate strawberry fragrance, Hope Girl’s Tinted Lip Balm serves both as a lip tint as well as a lip balm. While the co-enzyme Q-10 and shea butter formula deeply nourishes your chapped lips, the lovely pink tint will leave your lips with a long-lasting radiance!

Apply the tinted lip balm with your finger and blend it into your lips.

2. CROQUIS Lip & Blush 10 Pink Brown 4g(Full-sized product)
 The famous Lip & Blush from Croquis can be applied on both your lips and cheeks for a natural and well-blended pink that gently enhances your complexion. While this shade itself might seemlight and shimmery, it will leave your lips and cheeks with a long-lasting radiance.

Apply the crayon onto the inner parts of your lips and blend it in for naturally gradated lips. When using as a blush, dab on a little of the crayon on each cheek and use your fingers to gently blend it in for a natural, rosy look.

3. CROQUIS Eye Shadow & Blusher 04 Goldy Brown 4g(Full-sized product)
 When blended in with darker brown shadow and a liner, Croquis’ waterproof, cream-type crayon creates a shimmery gold brown gradated look. It smoothly glides onto your eye contours, giving it a nice, silky finish without being clumpy or sticky.

Apply onto your upper eyelids, and blend it in with a darker eye shadow. Finish off the look with a fine-point liquid, gel or pencil liner.

4. BANILA CO. Prime Primer Classic 30ml(Full-sized product)
Prep your face with the ultimate Banila Co. Prime Primer!Banila Co. is one of Korea’s cult favorites and this primer is one of its longest standing bestsellers. It’s a must-have classic that smoothens out any unevenness in skin texture by filling in all fine lines and enlarged pores. It alsocoats your face with a protective layer for optimum moisture retention while preventing your skin from getting oily.

Use as the first stage in your makeup routine. Apply the primer adequately over your face, focusing on areas with visible wrinkles and pores.

5. TOSOWOONG Black Sugar Facial Scrub 160g(Full-sized product)
All natural, and made from sugar, sunflower seed oil, portulaca extract, huttuyniacordata and various other minerals and vitamins, the Black Sugar Facial Scrub works to remove stubborn blackheads, excess sebum, and dead skin cells without dehydrating your skin. It will leave your face glowing with a natural radiance.

Spread the facial scrub evenly over your wet face and, using your fingers, gently roll onto areas with excess blackheads and dry flakes. Massage onto your face with water, softly melting the sugar granules, and finally rinse off with warm water.

6. L.VIDA Nail Polish LC-06 Baby Angel 10ml(Full-sized product)
 Pamper your nails with L.vida’s bright, beautiful nail polish colors that last. This collection is formulated with a unique combination of resins and waxes that provide a fast drying, long-wear shine. 

The BOX is cute, but all the items shown are not really calling my name.
Cute box though!!

Mrs Chic.

Monday, July 28, 2014

New Release

"We asked—and, boy, did you answer. Here, the products that you (and hundreds of other fans) are dying to get your hands on again!.

Most beauty competitions end with a tiara and a river of tears. For ours, we skipped the swimsuit competition and instead asked our Meme-fans to name and Like their top beauty essentials from goodies we featured in previous boxes, to put together our Thumbs Up! Beauty Box. We amassed the top Liked goodies and boxed it up to bring you a box full of must-haves that snagged your votes!"

I'm really not sure if I want to purchase a box full of repeats from previous boxes.. I will pass on this one :)

[Shipping starts Sept 16th]

Mrs Chic.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Special #10 Mask

Memebox Special # 10
Mask Edition 4
23$ + 6.99$ Shipping

Ok, so I didn't purchase the Mask Edition #3 so I figured I would go ahead and purchase #4, and Im soooo happy I purchased two of these boxes because there one of the best Memebox's!!! The selection and creativity in this box is simply awesome! (I don't say awesome much) lol.
They added masks, facial pads, creams, its just a really great box that I'm very pleased with. I know that the mask edition #3 was sub par, and included face masks, but that was about it, this one tops all mask edition boxes! Love it! 


1: SLCOSMETIC Soo Effect Plus Essence Sheet Mask (Repair,Energizing,Waterdrop) x3 
2: WHEN 10:00 Pm & Travelmate Facial Masks x2
3: Skin Factory 7 Seconds Morning Sheet 7in1 150g (39$)
4: Sua Young Berristure 100g (40$)
5: Purederm Vitamin C Facial Pads 24e (12$)

So there's the contents and its all pretty fabulous if I must say again, and again, and again.
Memebox is once AGAIN in my good gracious, and will continue to purchase MORE boxes!!!!

10/10 for this baby!!

Mrs Chic.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Special #9

Memebox Special #9 SkinCare

This was not a popular box in regards to being sold out quick. I was quite interested in it though the minute I saw it. Basic korean skincare box? how could you go wrong?! There's FIVE full sized products in this box!! I had a feeling it was going to be a great box and it most definately is! One thing that turned me off though, is them marking the price higher on the Secret Key product, the said it was 77$... but on 90% of other retail sites its about 10-18$... Try again Memebox.  Verikos is one of my new favorite korean brands, which they included in this box, a sample size of course because Verikos is very expensive! I could probably get about 6 uses out of that sample. They have everything you could want in this box, from essences, to pore tightners. This box was a steal! and I wished I purchased a second one, but when it comes to Memebox, its a hit and miss 10% of the time and I'm not willing to take that risk unless there's an amazing discount code like the 15$ off they had earlier in July 2014.


1: Dewytree Tea Tree Porest Powder Toner 200mL (26$) - FULL SIZE
2: Verikos Advanced Power Tightening Cream 4g 
3:  Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence 60mL (18$) - FULL SIZE
4: Secret Key Super Plumping Jelly Cream 50mL (77$- Its not 77$ retail) - FULL SIZE
5: Boscians Cycle Repair Wrinkle Spot 15mL (24$) - FULL SIZE
6: Nasarang Rose Balancing Toner 5mL 
7: Dewytree White Dew 7 Cut Extreme Serum 30mL (41$) - FULL SIZE

I'm extremely happy with this box, and plan on using every single item except for the Dewytree Tea Tree Toner because I've already traded it :) - I just love this box soo much! Its one of the best Memebox's I've received so far, and I hope its a sign of better things to come :) 

Mrs Chic.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Superbox #29
Burst of Color #2

Memebox Superbox #29 
Burst Of Color #2

I had an "OK" experience with Memebox's first burst of color, so I gambled and purchased this second one. Prior to purchasing this box, I had purchased a HAUL load of Hopegirl products, which was a big mistake, because I received one Hopegirl product in the Memebox OfficeEssentials
as well, along with this box, which I received ANOTHER 3 Hopegirl products.... talk about an overkill! and to be quite honest, Hopegirl products are NOT that good, its more like dollar store quality, and the retail on those are quite dramatic. Overall I'm glad that Memebox added a few new brands to this box, but I'm still kinda sour about this. Is this box worth 40$?? NO. Not even close, and that's not due to retail, that's IMO and quality.


1: Y.E.T Catgirl Waterproof Pen Liner Black 0.5g (9$)
2: Hopegirl 3D Powder Blusher 5g (18$??)
3: LadyKin Close-UP Decuple Fitting Powder 20g (17$)
4:5:  Beauty People 10 Seconds Auto Eye Liner Pencil 2x -  01 Diamond Bronze / 02 Diamond Burgundy (48$)
6: Sua Young Mein Sua Young Mineral Essence Liquid Foundation SPF 33+++ 30g (34$)
7: HopeGirl Tinted Cushion Lipstick 1.1g  - 03 Coral Pink (12$)
8: HopeGirl Wonder Magic Mascara 7ml (22$)

Ok so the only things I'm happy with is #1, #3, #4/#5 and that's it. I mean that could have been a 23$ or even a 29$ box right there plus some extra samples or something. I dunno I just think Memebox squeezes every penny out of everything if that makes sense. 
I think for now I will pass and hold off on makeup boxes, due to the different color variations in the foundations & bb creams, as my skintone is very hard to match, its a yellow undertone, but, more white, its weird lol.

 2/5 for this box :)

Mrs Chic.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Memebox Shop
Etude House
"Look At My Eyes” #3

Etude House "Look at my Eyes" #3
I purchased this eyeshadow Trio from Memebox's shop for 2$, using codes and memepoints.

The brown and green one was all sold out, but that was okay because I will be using this for blush :D I don't think I'm that brave to use the 2 red's as eyeshadow lol, only for cheeks and lips.
This retails for around 13$-16$ online, Memeshop was 13$.

 Above it show's you how to apply these color's, since there very daring, this might come in handy for those who don't like to stand out. The first color you can definately use as a neutral on your lids, even a highlight on your cheekbones, eyebrow arch.

I tried to capture the holographic on the packaging, which I think is absolutely adorable! Unicorns and fairies, and princesses, oh my!

 The third color from the top is what I currently use as an extra punch of color to my cheekbones, and I use the middle shimmer red color on my lips for a bit of pout-ness.

As you can see, the colors , when swatched are very pigmented and vibrant, so if you plan on using these on your lids, make sure you don't over do it, it could make you look like you have pink eye lol.

Its a cute little product for your everyday look if you plan on using it as a blusher, and eyebrow arch /cheekbone highlighter. Im actually glad I purchased this one, instead of the other brown one that was sold out :)

This is a staple in my beauty routine now!!
Love love it :)

Mrs Chic

Friday, July 18, 2014

Memebox Shop
Grinif Collection

I purchased a bunch of Grinif skincare products from Memebox Shop when they had a 50% off sale, I pretty much paid less than you would expect for all these, due to codes, and meme points combined.
Overal I'm very happy with everything. The quality is outstanding

Left -Right

Grinif Collagen 90 Ampoule 

I ordered the Collagen 90 Ampoule for 9.99$ . It's made with marine collagen extracts which helps strengthens skins elasticity and brightens skin tones , which also helps minimize fine lines.

I think what made me purchased this was that it helps with minimizing fine lines, and it brightens, I mean you can't go wrong with either or those, lets hope it says what it does.

Grinif Tea Tree Mist

I don't have acne prone skin, but I purchased it anyways because it came in a set with the pink powder, and I figured if I had a breakout one day, this would come in handy :) 
This product is made with tea tree oil, and witch hazel  to treat blemishes and acne prone skin, it also helps inflamed red skin due to breakouts.

Grinif Petit Hydro Cream

After application, facial contours appear sculpted & newly defined, fine lines and wrinkles are evened out and skin is moisturized. With continued use skin will gain resiliancy, and volume appears renewed for remarkably younger skin. 

Ive used this once and will continue for 6 weeks to see if it does say what its suppose to do.

This product retails on Memeshop for 22$

Grinif Ultimate Pore Silk BB Primer

Grinif's skin repair ultimate pore silk bb primer creates a lustrous , flawless finish that hydrates, firms and soothes your skin. It diminishes pores, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tones, which helps cover imperfections for warm skintones. Its loaded with antioxidants and physical sunscreens with a broad- spectrum sun protection rated to SPF 25.

Beautiful primer by the way, its way up there in my loves along with Verikos  Ultra Matte Velvet Primer.
This retails for 28$

Grinif Pink Powder

This is also a blemish fighter for pimple prone skin, again I purchased this due to it being in a set with the tea tree oil :)

The pink powder heals blemishes and prevents break outs, due to the highest level of salicylic acide and calamine allowed, to calm acne flare ups and redness which results in a clear complexion that lasts.

Pretty nifty little product if you ask me.

Im very happy with Grinif's products, there packaging has a nice sleek design to it, and there products are outstanding! I would love to see some of Grinif's other products in Memebox boxes!!

Mrs Chic.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Memebox Shop

I did a huge purchase from Memebox's Memeshop for my birthday last month in June, at the time I didn't know or could know that there was going to be a lot more Hopegirl products in Burst of Color Superbox #2, or I wouldn't have ordered so much of this brand lol. Needless to say I'm quite pleased with my purchases. I didn't spend as much as you would think on all of this ;)

Left to Right

HopeGirl FX Lip & Eye Blusher x2

02: Honey Peach
03: Highlight Fantasy 
    Retail 19$ Each

I'm actually VERY impressed by this product. The packaging is cute and it glides on as a cream and its very creamy,  pigmented with a light shine. It can be used for eyes and or lips. I will use the highlighter for my lids and shadowing, and the honey peach for cheeks and lips, I don't think the honey peach would go well on my eyelids lol. These were 19$ each, but Memebox had a sale, so got half off on both.

HopeGirl Honey Bling Blusher x2

04: Vanilla Pink
03: Shiny Beige 

Retail 28$ Each

I really like these blushers, they do need to be layered on to get the achieved look below, but other than that, there very pigmented, and give off a nice glow. The Shiny beige is more for highlight, and vanilla pink is for cheeks.

HopeGirl Milky Balm Lipstick

06. Plum Burgundy

Retail 25$ Each

This color is stunning! Its a perfect color for a dress-down day with a white tee, and jeans.
I just love this color, and fall's coming soon, so its perfect. Its applies very smooth and creamy, and it has great stay , almost like a stain. Well worth the 25$.

Makeon Lip Manicure

01: Cynical Plum

Retail 12$ Each 


I had a bit of a Fall color obsession when I did this  haul, so I was looking for red'ish, plum, deep colors.
I've always wanted to try this product because the color sheet on Memebox looks stunning. There are so many colors, and they all look fun and creamy that I just HAD to buy one.

This  glides on wet, and drys into a stain, which I really like about lip products because I don't really wear lip gloss and lipsticks, but when I do, I want it to stay instead of having to apply it 100 times a day.

Recipe By Nature Vita -A + Vita -C Capsule Ampoule

Retail 15$ Each

 Vitamin A tightening ampoule evens out  your skin texture and helps tightens enlarged pores for a  more hydrating glowing look.

Excited to try these! Will review at a later date.

This vitamin C brightening ampoule brightens up your skin tone and evens out your overall skin complexion for a brighter more youthful look.

I definately need this one!

HopeGirl Pink Diva Lip Tint

01: Baby Pink

Retail 12$

Enriched with lily & rosewater extracts and coenzyme G10, leaves your lips  kissable and juicy.

I'm not a fan of this product, the color hardly shows up, and it comes off very easily, it smells like yummy strawberry ice cream though!!

Mrs Chic.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Memebox Unboxing
Nakedbox #20 , Nakedbox #23, Superbox #24 Waxing

Nakedbox #23
23$ +6.99$ Shipping

This box is fun, and based on your pores. I usually have small pores and no blackheads, but I purchased this box for my fiance' who needs a facial pore fixer upper :D
He has not tried any of the products yet, but loves the box so far. I'm keeping the cooling pore pack though ;)


1: 23 Years Old Air- Laynic Pore Mask 12g (Sample Size)
2: LEADERS Mask Pack 20mL 
3: TOSOWOONG Pore Tightening Serum 30mL
4: TOSOWOONG Black Head Nose Pack x8 
5: Lailly Cooling Pore Pack 50g 

Overall, very happy with this box for the price.

Memebox Superbox #24
Waxing Care

 29$+6.99$ Shipping

I ordered this box assuming there would be waxing products in it,but instead we got some removal cream, cheap razors, another waxing CREAM, some arm pit whiteners, and  a soothing gel.
No WAXING products at all in this box...

Memebox recently added to the box's description 
" Disclaimer: This box contains hair removal and after-waxing care products only. "

which really annoyed me , because they never stated this before it went up for sale, or WHEN it was for sale, false advertising is a NO-NO!


1: Angel Factory Under -Arm White Peeling Perfume x5 (30$)
2: Intercos Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream 150mL (36$)
3: Ray Pearls Shaving & Face Wash 200g (12$)
4: Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel 100mL (15$)
5: Dorco Tinkle 3 For Woman Razors x2 (16$)


NakedBox #20

23$+ 6.99$ Shipping

I ordered this box because there was no other box to order, due to ordering them all except for this one. I wanted it because of the Unnie Cream, and the TonyMoly BB Cream and I'm very pleased with the Unnie cream, as for the BB cream, it unfortunately does not suite my skin color, it turns into a light greyish color after application, but overall the box was decent.


1: Unni Cream 75g
2: LJH Dr's Care Vita Propolis Ampoule 15mL (Broken)
3: Sella Organic Soap 
4: TonyMoly Luminous BB Cream 
5: CREMORLAB Mineral Treatment Essence

The LJH ampoule was broken , and the liquid was everywhere! I don't think I have the energy to email Memebox and let them know about this, so I will let this one slide.

I do somewhat regret ordering this box, oh well! 

Mrs Chic.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Memebox Unboxing
Whole Grain / Milk / Global #12

Memebox Special #6 Whole Grains

I was really hesitant to purchase this box before it was sold out, but ended up buying it anyways. It's a really great box with several different whole grain products, that I've never heard of or even tried, so this will be a fun weekend!
I paid 23$+6.99 Shipping.


1: PureDerm Anti Stress Heat Therapy Mask Oatmeal 150mL (12$)
2: Grinff  Nature Oatmeal Scrub Bar 130g (9$)
3: Purebess Galactomyces 100% 50mL (15$)
4: Herbclinic Rice Bran Powder 80g (8$)
5: PureDerm Invigorating Foot Scrub Walnut 25mL (4$)
6: PureDerm Daily Moisturizing Hand Mask Oatmeal 1 Pair (7$)
7: PureDerm Rice Bran Collagen Mask 18mL X2 (5$)
8: Purebess Galactomyces 80 Eye Cream 50mL (20$)

Great little box, packed with soooooooooo many great products <3 <3!
I'm really excited to try the bran powder and the foot scrub!!

Memebox Special #7 Milk

I ordered one of the last two boxes in stock, and lord I'am I ever glad I did!
This box is packed with all sorts of exciting milk products, including Choosy Pure Smile lip scrub and lip packs, which I'm excited to try out.
I paid 23$ +6.99$ shipping for this baby, and it's worth every dime.


1: Enesti Rice & Milk Foaming Cleanser 120mL (15$)
2: Pure Smile Milk Mask Pack 23mL (1$)
3: Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub 25 (11$)
4: Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack Mile (1$)
5: Hello Everybody Nature Holic Body Lotion Milk 300mL (25$)
6: Skin Ceramic Donkey Milk & Argan Oil Multi Steam Cream 100g (34$)
7:  Hello Everybody Bubble Bath Steam Milk 25g (4$)

So overall I'm quite pleased with this box. I'm not much of a bath relaxer type of person, as I can't use or add anything to my bath's because I react to it, so I will gift the bath products to my Mother in Law.

Memebox Global #12
 23$ +6.99 Shipping

It took about two weeks to receive this box, due to Canada day holiday, usually it only takes about 1 week to receive by standard shipping.

When I first saw the contents I was not overally surprised and excited, due to the "blah-ness" of the curration, none the less , its always nice to try products you have never heard of.

Its soo funny, the L.Vida polish I received was in the color "orange-pink", that same day I purchased an essie polish "funday sunday" which was the EXACT same color , lol, go figure. (I purchased Essie before I received this box)


1: Inter-Cos Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream 250mL (43$?...)
2: Plagentra White Mark Lotion, Cream & Massage Gel /3 Sachets
3: Plagentra White Mark Cream 15g
4: Palan Crysence Organic Essence 120mL (72$?...)
5: L.Vida Nail Polish - "Orange-Pink" 10mL (7$)
6: Banila Co. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack 12g
7: Ryo Anti- Hair Loss Treatment 50mL

There we have MEMEBOX GLOBAL #12.

There is a lot of different products to try out, from hair removal cream, to nail polish.
I must say it is a fun box!

Will I get around to trying out all the products? probably not anytime soon, but will post all reviews when I have thoroughly tested and tried everything.

Have A Great Day/ Night Memebox Princesses!

Mrs Chic.

New Memebox Releases
July 11th 2014

Memebox has released FOUR new boxes today, all ranging from  79$-32$

No Makeup Makeup Memebox 
 Superbox #44

 29$ + 6.99 Standard Shipping or Express - 25.99$

I was going to buy this when I first saw this but than I read the description and it said

"*Please note that the CC Cream contained in the No Makeup Makeup Box only comes in neutral beige."

 Ughhh, no. Beige does not go with yellow undertones, but I'm happy Memebox stated that in the description, because beige does not suite everyone. So I will pass on this box :)

Ships out August 22nd 2014

Korea's Most Wanted Memebox
SuperBox #45

  32$ + 6.99 Standard Shipping or Express - 25.99$

I purchased this box because it stated that there was going to be OVER 100$ worth of products in it, so I'm really hoping there is! I would love to see some Tony Moly, Innisfree, Holika Holika, and many more korean brand names in this box! 

*Crosses Fingers*

"It's a sister act!
        Did you know that Memebox Global  has an older sister named Memebox Korea? 
Both sisters were both born in Seoul, yes, but after Memebox Global's move to San Francisco, and a long time of separation, the sisters are finally doing something fun! This time, it’s a sister act!

Memebox Global and Memebox Korea are teaming up to bring you Korea’s Most Wanted Box, the best of the best in K-Beauty!

Also a global hub for K-beauty-holics and makeup addicts, Memebox Korea carries only the hottest and most up-to-date Korean trends, and she’s giving us everything from hair and body products to makeup and skin care products so that you can get a taste of real Korean beauty! This box retails at over $100, but you can get yours for only $32!"

 Ships Out August 27th 2014

IOPE #1 
SuperBox #46

65$ + 6.99 Standard Shipping or Express - 25.99$

I've only tried IOPE's products once? It was the Iope facial serum. I've never really heard much about this brand, but what I do know is that this box is overally priced for customers who've never tried or heard of this brand before.... I will be passing on this one :) 

"It’s the box you’ve all been waiting for!

Packed with products that are formulated from state-of-the-art technology and years of research and development, IOPE has proven to be a leader in beauty in not only Korea, but all across the globe! This box contains IOPE’s famous Boosting Serum, Eye Cream, Relief Cream, Essential Face Oil and Lip and Cheek!

Now, don’t miss this exclusive chance to try all the skin and beauty benefits that this IOPE Box has to offer, and see for yourself what the buzz is all about! This box has a retail value of over $325, but you can grab yours at this exclusive price!"

Ships Out July 21st 2014

Superbox # 47

79$ + 6.99 Standard Shipping or Express - 25.99$

Part #2 to the IOPE trilogy, which again, I will be passing on due to the skin tone color difference, which they state that there will be an air cushion in this box in the color NO.21 which is a beige, I'm a yellow undertone.

"It’s the box you’ve all been waiting for!
Packed with products that are formulated from state-of-the-art technology and years of research and development, IOPE has proven to be a leader in beauty in not only Korea, but all across the globe! This box contains IOPE’s famous Boosting Serum, Eye Cream, Relief Cream, Essential Face Oil, Lip and Cheek, plus an IOPE Air Cushion!

Now, don’t miss this exclusive chance to try all the skin and beauty benefits that this IOPE Box has to offer, and see for yourself what the buzz is all about! This box has a retail value of over $325, but you can grab yours at an exclusive price!"

"*Please note that the IOPE Air Cushion only comes in shade NO. 21."

Ships Out July 21st 2014

Get $5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3
Get $8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE4


VIP 10% off on Orders Above $100  3SW4
VIP 15% off on Orders Above $150  BN7N

VIP $7 Shipping Charge Waive     NOPT

Mrs Chic.