Friday, May 30, 2014
Japan Candy Haul

I've been recently in the market for Japan, Korean snacks and candies and I came across a website online- JLIST.COM that sold anime items, and Japanese snacks. After doing a look through on there website I came across some really new and interesting items I have never seen before, before I knew it my shopping cart was filled. I spent about 25$ on product and 14$ on shipping (OUCH) but I received my order in 4 business days so I was pretty happy about that. The cost of shipping is based on weight and they do not have "FREE SHIPPING" over a certain amount of dollars which kinda sucks, because shipping from Japan can get really expensive. Overall I'm pleased with my order except for the exception of them having to cancel a few things due to it not being in stock.


 I paid 3$ USD for this.

I was shocked when I first saw this but realized quick that it was filled with chocolate after reading its description. I purchased this due to its uniqueness and fun factor!! My fiance' loved it!

It's filled with chocolate covered crushed peanuts, which are quite yummy and the taste reminds me of peanut glosettes. This is a really fun gift! I definately recommend this.



I immediately thought of my daughter when I saw this. Its such a great little kit, not only do you get to eat it! you get to play with it like play dough! It is pretty steep , but the 5$ is worth it especially if you have wee ones at home, or you yourself just think its totally adorable!!

There is 5 molding rectangles , yellow, pink, white blue and brown, it also comes with a packet of sprinkles and a tiny wooden roller.

Here they show you instructions and ideas to make cute little things.

My 2 year old daughter and I made this together :D I think we made a rabbit part cat lol.
Its a really fun set to play with and EAT!  Kracie also has many different kinds of play candy sets like these, ranging from making your own candy hamburgers to making jello figurines all in a small box for 5$-6$.



I purchased this because of curiosity and the packaging is PINK!!!
but the packaging I'm afraid does not make up for the fact that these taste HORRID!! omg please, don't eat these!! It tastes like, I have no idea, just trust me! I would not, NEVER recommend these even to my worst enemy (don't have one) .




Ok this is the cutest thing ever!! Want to spice up you're rice relationship? add some of this to it. This product is edible, so what you do is put it on you're rice, and add some life to it! Is that not the cutest thing ever?! The tiny cherry blossoms?! so cute, I will do an in-depth review of this product when I make rice as a side for dinner some night :) The flavor is plum , salt and sesame, it should be interesting.


8.00$ USD

I ordered this because I had no idea what candies were what and there was soo many items to choose from that I ordered this bento pack which gives you a variety of different things to try. My daughter loved going through this, but that's where it ended. Everything she tried I tried with her and 99.9% of this products all tasted old, and very awful, think of it as North America's "NO NAME BRAND" candie's but these taste worse, and are old... I'm disappointed in this, and would not recommend this bento pack. The selection was there, but the candies where very very cheap, and tasted expired.

Oh well, live and learn.

So that's my Candy haul from JLIST.COM Im kinda pleased, yet feel kinda ripped off. I paid 14$ to get these items shipped and only half the items I paid for were in stock, the other items had been refunded back to me because they were out of stock.... Don't you hate that when you really want something, you pay for it and then the seller refunds you and says "Sorry out of stock" ... Ughh anyways thanks for reading!!!!!

Mrs Chic.

To The Innocent Ones

" Earlier this month, 2,000 pigs died near Guelph, Ontario, when the factory farm floor they were living on collapsed.

The floor was suspended eight feet above a liquid feces tank. Several hundred pigs died in the collapse, while hundreds more became stuck in the feces where they eventually died over the course of the day.

Pigs are considered one of the smartest animals on the planet. They can solve problems, use mirrors to find hidden objects, and even play video games. In fact, the pig genome is very similar to the human genome. Major segments are identical, indicating that we are physiologically, behaviourally, and cognitively similar.

Mercy For Animals Canada has exposed the cruelty inherent in the Canadian pork industry. In late 2012 we documented:
  • Thousands of pregnant pigs confined to filthy, metal gestation crates so small the animals were unable to even turn around or lie down comfortably for nearly their entire lives
  • Workers firing metal bolts into the skulls of pigs, leaving many still conscious and blinking
  • Pigs suffering from large, open wounds and pressure sores from rubbing against the bars of their tiny cages or lying on the hard concrete flooring
  • Pregnant pigs -- physically taxed from constant birthing -- suffering from distended, inflamed, and bleeding prolapses
  • Workers slamming piglets into the ground and leaving them to slowly suffer and die
  • Pigs too sick to stand being kicked, slapped, and pulled by their ears to force them to walk
  • Workers cutting out testicles and slicing off the tails of fully conscious piglets without the use of any painkillers

Whether they are purposely killed to become food, or they die in horrific accidents like collapsing through a barn floor into their own feces, pigs on factory farms are guaranteed a miserable life and death. Fortunately, eliminating animal suffering from our diets is easy, delicious, and rewarding. Visit to learn more."

Original Article Mercy For Animals

Please have a moment of silence for these poor pigs, there lives were cut to short, with pureness in their hearts, and love in there souls.

Mrs Chic.
SuperBox #11
Before Special Day”

Memebox Superbox "Before Special Day"
39$ + Shipping USD

When I opened this box I was very disappointed. This box comes with 5 products and there is four repeats in this box, now I've only received 1 of these repeats, none the less I want to SEE new things in the boxes, especially for 50$ *with shipping and currency converted* So that was a huge turn off for me. Anyways to the box,


1: Bentonite Cocoon Silk Peeling Ball 20e (7$)
2: DKDN Sprout Refine Intensive Essence 75ml (25$)
3: Coco Skin Milky Cream Modelling Pack 50g (17$)
4: Skin Miso Pore Beauty Nose Pack 3-step , 4 weeks (15$)
5: SD Hair Steam Hair Pack 30g (21$)

There is a good mixture of items, which I will be testing out, but this box is not worth 50$. I'm really interested in the Cocoon balls, because I've never received them personally from the older boxes.

Overall I would rate it a 2 out of a 5....

Mrs Chic.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

*The Mail Fairy
May 28th 2014

Today I received my Memebox Mini#1, Memebox Mini #2, Memebox Makeup Edition, JBox Candy Haul, Urban Outfitters Mini Haul & Imomoko Mini Haul. It was a great day for mail!!!!!! I will start with the Memeboxes first.

Memebox MakeUp Edition

I paid 23$ For this box + 6.99$ shipping (USD)


1Dr Young Anti pore: Pore Eraser Balm 15g (Fullsize) 38$
2: N.S.M Reborn Sorbet Melting Tint Gloss 5g (Fullsize) 21$
3: Ladykin Blossom Blusher - Milky Apricot 8g (Fullsize) 15$
4: Cheek Room Makeup Base -Green 30ml 9$
5: MustaeV Spot Eraser Concealer Pencil No.5 - Tea 3g (Fullsize) 18$

Overall I'm very pleased with this box. There is NO repeats from Memebox's previous box's and there's such a great mixture of products to use from lip gloss to face primer.
Love it!

Memebox Mini #1

I paid 15$ for this box, but I had 10 points = (10$) so I only paid 5$ woowhoo!!
Although there is 3 repeats in this box from previous boxes....anyways


1: Botanic Hill Boh Moist Youth Ampoule Essence + Radiant Essence 4ml & 5ml
2: Witch'S Pouch Moisture Ampoule  x2 (Sample packets)
3: A True Black Tea All Day Long Sun Cream 10ml
4Verikos Ultra Matte Velvet primer 3ml
5: Hanskin Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB SPF 30PA++ 5ml
6: Holika Holika Skin Good Cera Super Cream 10ml

Well I already have the Hanskin, Botanic Hill and the Holika Holika Cream, so this box was frusterating to receive.

Memebox Mini #2

I Shelled out 15$ bucks for this box and came with free shipping due to ordering more than one box at a time. This box has 3 repeats.


1: Kocostar Nail Therapy 1Pack
2CNP Aqua Refresh Cleansing Water 70ml
3: Blacklees Nail Sticker 5g x 3 ea
4: Goodal Repair Plus Essential Oil 15ml
5: Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint #2 Red 1.5ml

This box is sub par, I mean mix it up, stop giving repeats, there's millions of other products out there....gawddddddshhhhh

  Overall, I think the Mini Memebox's are well, worth it if you like repeats, than again this IS only the first two boxes, so we shall see... but I won't hold my breathe for NO more repeats.

I will be posting my other hauls that I received today in new posts.

Mrs Chic.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Korean Beauty Haul


I've been browsing website for awhile now, until I saw some really cute things that I needed to buy. This is my "mini" haul from them that I purchased 2 weeks ago. I spent about 65$ USD with shipping included. has all brand name Korean products, such as Etude House, Tony Moly, Skin Food and many more. They are based out of Seoul, Korea. The one thing I didn't like about there website was that things were still listed but they were sold out...that really annoyed me, cause there was a bunch of things I wanted but, they were all sold out. Shipping varies if your order is below 100$ but its not expensive. I paid 4.99$ in shipping and they offer free shipping over 100$ Usd, and it takes about 2 weeks to be delivered (Canada)

They sent me 4 packet samples with my order.

Nature Republic Moist Steam Cream
Etude House Collagen Moistfull Peeling wash
Holika Holika Aqua Max
Nature Republic  BB Cream

along with there business card.
Its always nice to receive samples with you're order!

Etude House "Color Pop" Drawing Show Limited Edition Eyeliner Tin

I paid 26.89$ USD for this set. It comes with 5 waterproof eyeliners, and a cute tin. It was suppose to come with x2 sample bottles of eye makeup remover, but I think they forgot??... Anyways I purchased this set for the orange eyeliner, I mean I can't find orange eyeliner anywhere!!

These eyeliners are to die for! They glide on silky smooth, and have such amazing pigment, and hold. My favorite one is definately the middle color,  shell pink. It's going to be fun using the orange eyeliner and seeing how to wear it, but its perfect for the summertime.
I tried removing these off with my Max Clinic Caviar cleanser that I received from Memebox, and hot water, and it  would NOT come off. The black and the burgundy color is still there. Hmmm might have to find a stronger makeup remover. Besides that, these are worth 26$. I would purchase another tin, but there all sold out at

Skin Food - Queen's Baking Choco Smoky Creamy Lip color & Cheek color 

This is a creamy lip pot lipstick and can also be used for you're cheeks. Its very silky and creamy when applied, but it tastes very unusual, kinda like plastic?? I'm not sure, its hard to explain, it does not taste good the color is very feminim though.

It comes with a little lip brush that attaches to the bottom, I think it's pretty cute :)

This was labelled "CR1" its more of a mauve/ dark pinky color with a hint of purple in it, it would look nice with all skin tones.

I paid 10.99$ USD for this and although its a nice texture, I don't think it's worth 11$

Too Cool For School 
Super Cleanser GazGaza Cleansing Wipes

When I first saw this, I had to buy it, I didn't care what it was, I had to have this. The packaging was my main focus of this product regardless of what it was lol. These are cleansing wipes which can be used to remove makeup, dirt and oil. I paid 8.46$ USD for this and there's 30 cloth's. Its a bit pricey but it's worth it ;) I haven't tried these yet but will review them after I have tried them.

Etude House "Oh My Goodness!"
 Dry Shampoo

I fell in love with the packaging and I really needed a new dry shampoo. I do love Batiste's line, but I want to expand and try new lines, so I picked this baby up! I paid 10.19$ USD for this. When I received this, it felt like there was nothing in it, I mean did someone use it???(no)  or maybe a little goes a long way? I will be trying this first thing tomorrow and let you girls know! because 11$ is pricey for dry shampoo, than again being a female is expensive as well :P

TonyMoly Red Cheeks Girl's 

These cheek masks restores skin's elasticity, hydrates and add's "bounce" to cheeks while cooling them. I've never tried this type of cheek mask before, but I'm really excited to see how they work and if they work. I paid 2.90$ for this one pack.

 So overall I'm pleased with my purchases and will most likely purchase from again in the future, but I have my eyes set on a creer beauty collection!

Goodnight Fellow Bloggers and Readers.

Mrs Chic.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Her Fashion Box
April Box

 Today I FINALLY received my Her Fashion Box. This is April's box and I received it May 26th.. I cancelled of course due to all the major problems Her Fashion Box was having. They were months behind on boxes, over charging customers and sending cheap plastic items for 40$ a month. Yes they do give free shipping, but it takes months for them to ship out you're box, which is absurd and ridiculous! They are located in Australia, and AFTER they ship you're box out it takes about 2 weeks for it to arrive. I've seen spoilers up on blogs, and I was not excited to receive my box after seeing the pictures. I ordered the "Classic" box. Check it out below.

 Her Fashion Box "Classic"

 Upon opening the box, I was, like I said not very excited, anyways my first impression was BLAHHHH, just blahh. Ok the pink bottle looks cute, but what is it? I thought it was dry hair shampoo at first but its....HAIRSPRAY, I didn't know we were living in the 80's again? Ok ok Ill stop being negative, for now... onwards!

Her Fashion Box Earrings

 I think there adorable! I don't wear earrings like this, I usually wear diamond or pearl studs, and I don't go out to many events, but these will come in handy at my friends wedding next week! They are a nice plated metal, its not one of those earrings that feels too "cheap" but they are cheap, probably about 6$? give or take.

MOR Hand Cream Packets

I do not like getting sample packets in subscription boxes. They might as well had left these out, I mean even a 3ml tube of MOR'S products would have had been better than sample packets.

I've owned a MOR bath tin before with soap, hand cream and shampoo about 7 years ago, and it was very nice quality, and there packaging was cute! So this is the first time in a long time I've heard about them again.

These packets are 3ml each.
(Left to Right)

- MOR Sugar Rose Tiger Lily Hand Cream
- MOR Basil & Grape Hand Cream
-MOR Honey Nectar Hand Cream
- MOR Black Current Iris Hand Cream
-MOR Neroli Clementine

They all sound lovely though don't they?!

Urban Rituelle "Island Citrus" 
Soap Bar

This is a soap bar from Urban Rituelle, its in the scent "Island Citrus" Its a very overwhelming scent, I smelled it the minute I opened my box. My fiance' loves soaps (Have no clue as too why lol) but I will gift him this if he's NICE! lol. Cute packaging too!

 Its a very light greenish color, and as you can see its flaking already, not sure if its due to shipment or.... ?

CEDEL Extra Firm Hairspray
"Raspberry Punch"

As I said earlier, I thought this was dry shampoo but its hairspray. This product is by CEDEL (Never heard of them before) Its an extra hold hairspray in the scent "Raspberry Punch" it really does smell like raspberry, but reminds me of buckley's cough syrup. I don't use hair spray so maybe I will gift this. This bottle is an official Breast Cancer Awareness product.

Her Fashion Box Bracelet Bangle

Holy Jumping June Bugs!! This thing is HUGE! It's like eating my arm. The quality is plastic, and veryyyyyyyyyyy cheap! This type of accessory is def not me. I will sell this at my next garage sale! It is my mission!

Look at this beast, looks like hand cuffs LOL.

  It's about 9cm, not long.. lol
Ok lets leave these bracelet alone!

"Made In China" RRP 1.95$

Righttt. I mean come on already! If I wanted a nail file, I would walk to my local dollar store and buy one, but no, I had to pay 40$ to get one mailed from AUSTRALIA, of all places.

This will be "gifted" or garage sale'd.

Her Fashion Box Stockings

 Hmmmmmm, well than... First thing came to mind was Dorothy form the wizard of Oz. Im not sure why but, I just might use these for Halloween considering its swealtering heat here in Ontario currently and I don't think these would look good with my flip flops on? What do you all think? Let me go see and take a pic... Ok here it is, the moment you've been waiting for, Yves saint Laurent EAT YOU'RE HEART OUT!!!

Does this look smexyyy or what?! LOL. 

PS: BEWARE of Her Fashion Box for long long wait times and charging you when you've cancelled.

Overall Rating 1/5

Have a great Night Chickies!!! 

Mrs Chic.