Monday, June 30, 2014

Canada Day is July 1st 2014.

Everyone Keep Cool, safe , and have a great time!!!!

Thank you for a beautiful. safe country!

Mrs Chic.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014



 This is another order I placed
This time I ordered DIRECT from a MIZON seller.
I paid 57.08$ USD for all of this, including shipping, which took about 2 weeks to receive. I got some AMAZING deals!

1: MIZON Samples - FREE
2: MIZON OHISHY Liquid Cheek Color - 11.70$ USD
3: MIZON King's Berry Lip Balm Tin - FREE
4: MIZON King Berry All-in-One Liquid Cleanser  - 8.40$ USD
5:  X3 MIZON Toners - 9$ USD
6: MIZON Miracle White Goodnight Sleeping Pack - 9.20$ USD

This seller sent me some MIZON samples.

First thing I ordered was MIZON'S "Ohishy" Liquid cheek color . Its a dark coral color. Its a really beautiful color.

As you can see its VERY liquidy, and it takes about 20 secs for it to dry completely.

 It has a cute little nail polish applicator! I thought they messed up my order when I opened this "I DIDN'T BUY NAIL POLISH" and than I realized.. Its not nail polish lol.

MIZON "King to The Kong" Kings Berry Lip Balm.
I've been dying to get my hands on this, I simply love the packaging! This was free actually, and it came with my MIZON All purpose facial cleanser, which will be posted below :) The smell is soo yummy! Who does not love strawberries?!

This thing is HUGE and would/should last you about 1 year!

MIZON "King to The Kong" All-in-one Liquid Cleanser.

This puppy is massive!! I mean, its sooo big and heavy! I love it. I needed a new facial cleanser to I decide to try this out. This came with a free lip balm tin, which I posted above, it was such a great deal!

Ok seriously, this is the best deal EVER! I saw these on Urban selling for 22$ EACH!
Guess how much I paid for THREE?! 9$ - That's right NINE DOLLARS! 9$ USD.

Is that not crazy?!  Yea...
Anyways can't wait to try these out.

I ordered Witch Hazel, Bulgarian Rose & Camomile Toner.

and finally I ordered this baby for 9$ as well, which retails for 34$. 
I've already tried it and I love it, although I'm still waiting for results, and not sure if it can beat my Ohh so favorite C+M Spot Off Cream!
We shall see :)

Amazing deals on, you should definately check it out once you get the time!

Mrs Chic.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Makeup Haul


I found this website, kind of like G-Market called
It reminds me a lot like Ebay, actually it is like Ebay, only not, well EBAY, and its situated in Korea, there main headquarters. I find a lot of the sellers on there are located in Korea. There is soo many great deals of products on there, that you can spend hours and hours trying to find stuff. The navigation needed some time to get use to but, I managed to find the items I was looking for within a decent time frame. Now when you shop on there, look for sellers that offer combined shipping, otherwise shipping will be costly with some sellers, and not even worth the deals on there. I use user name "SWEET BOX". They have great deals! - If your located in North America, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose "GLOBAL HUB" to shop.

I spent 43$ USD for these items with shipping. Its a great deal, and shipping took only about 2-3 weeks.

Ive been searching high and low for the perfect Korean brand BB Cream and have still not found it :(
But I have found the perfect CC Cream, from Elisha Coy. I received a sample size from a Memeshop order and I had to buy the full sized product. Its just an amazing product.

As you can see, the Mizon BB Snail Repair cream is almost like a grey color, which obviously does not go with my skin tone, the Elisha Coy Triple BB Cream is more of skin tone, and will probably be able to get away wearing it, and of course the Elisha Coy Always Nuddy CC Cream, These are NOT blended, merely swatched so you can see the colors.

1: Elisha Coy Always Nuddy CC Cream - 24$ USD
2: Elisha Coy Triple BB Cream - 8.80$ USD
3: MIZON Snail Repair BB Cream - 9.00$ USD
4: Nature Republic Auto Flower Eyebrow Liner - GREY -  5.50$ USD

I was kind of shocked with the material of this eyebrow liner from Nature Republic. It's a very cheap plastic, and very light.

It looks as though it's expired? It has this white film on the product. When I swatched it, it gave a flake residue behind on my skin. I'm not sure what to think about this product yet, Ill have to try it for a week and than see. Overall, its the exact color I put on my eyebrows, so I'm happy with that.

I'm pretty happy with my order, besides the MIZON BB Cream which I wont be able to wear, Thank goodness it was only 9$.

Mrs Chic.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Memebox has released there Global #15 today! - Grab your's now while you can! 
This box is 23$ USD -

Memebox has recently changed there shipping policies .It will no longer be 6.99$ for 2 or more Memebox's in one order, you will have to pay shipping for each box unless you use the codes below.

June PROMO CODES only!
Use this promo code to waive 1 standard shipping fee when you purchase 2 or more boxes:  



 Shipping Waived for 3 Boxes  -  buy 3 boxes to get $6.99 for shipping
Shipping Waived for 4 Boxes  - Buy 4 boxes to get $6.99 for shipping

"Calling all Memebox fans once again,

We annouce the arrival of Memebox Global #15!

Our Memebox Global Editions have never failed your expectations and we can guarantee your utmost satisfaction in receiving this 15th Edition, also packed with beauty goodies totally worth the wait;)

[Shipping starts on Sept 24th]

Please choose a shipping option below. The price that you see here after you choose your delivery method is the final price. Now, you can choose your favorite shipping method per individual box purchased in your order."

Did you see my birthday cake my sister in law made for me for my birthday?!

I was giggling when I saw this lol, my family know's me too well ;)

Thank you Mat for the best Birthday ever!


Mrs Chic.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nerd Block
Junior Girls Box
(June 2014 Box)

This is my 2 year old daughters very first Junior Girl Nerd Block subscription Box.
I paid 22.59$ USD = 33$ CDN with shipping. They are based in Canada, so I don't understand why they are charging in USD and why its over priced. This box is NOT worth the contents for the amount I paid. I will probably just get some stuff at Dollarama each month for my daughter and put it in a cute box instead of this, because I can get a lot more things for this price, don't get me wrong the items she received are cute, but ... that's it?? for 33$? (23$)... Yea.. Anyways here's what she received for her June box.


Top Left-Right

1: Minnie Mouse Coloring pages + Markers
2: Rainbow Magic - Birthday Party Novel book
3: Dragon Figurine - Skull Crusher
4: Barbie Mega Bloks pack
5: Smurfs Mega Bloks Pack

 I saw these at Shoppers Drug Mart in the bargain bins for 2$, but never picked any up, I guess it was fate. This little package comes with 80 mini coloring pages & 6 markers. The coloring pages are loose, so you can frame them or take them out.

This is a book by Scholastic. I remember having scholastic book fairs in grade school, so this brings back soo many memories, and my daughter will love me reading this to her, she loves fairies, so this is perfect.

This is a cute little figurine from Dream Works. I've never seen this movie, but I think its a side story of "How to train your dragon". This little guy is "Skull Crusher" Hes soo cute! I'm not sure what this retails for, but I'm assuming 5-7$?

I just saw these today for 3.94$ at our local retail store, what a coincidence.

She got this little smurf in her surprise pack
She's really cute. She comes with a a flower and a cute pink bag.

My daughter freaked when she saw this! The color pink, its gets the best of us females lol.
I know these are pretty expensive, because I saw one of these, but with a few more things in it for 15$ 
So this must be about... 5-10$? - *Shifty Eyes*

and here's  the pack set up. Cute ain't it?!

So Overall, like I said earlier, this box is not worth the price. 33$ CDN is expensive in my eyes... I think I will cancel shortly, my daughter is spoiled as it is, so I don't think this box will put a dent in her retail spree's lol.

Mrs Chic.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shark Girl

Madison Stewart is a 20 year old Australian with a passion for our sea and our sharks. She's on a journey to save our ocean's and the creatures that call it home. Along her path and journey she has many obstacles, such as  illegal shark finning,  for human consumption. Over 1 million sharks are killed every year, most are illegally poached for there fins. Her passion is what drives those who also have a passion in life to protect the innocence , to protect our animals, our wildlife from the bad  who runs our planet. Madison has always been a very big role model in my life, through my work with animal protection services worldwide. One person can change this world.

Read and watch her story and open your eyes to what's going on in this world that we call "home" because it is us, and our children who will inherit this world one day.

Lots of love

Mrs Chic.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Luxe Box
Limited Edition “Summer Vows” Box

I caved in and purchased Luxe Box Limited Edition "Summer Vows" box.
I've never subscribed to Loose Button before, so I figured I would test it out first with this box before I commited subscribing to them long term. Everything you see in this box, was already shown before purchasing, so there was no guessing what I was going to get. Yay! Ok so let me show you in detail what I got in this limited edition box from Luxe Box. -  ( 39$ CDN)

It came bagged in this cute silky drawstring bag
Its pretty big, and can be used to carry a lot of stuff!

The box also came with 3 Crest samples

English Laundry 
"Notting Hill" Eau De Parfum For Him

This was a bonus item that Luxe Box added to this Limited edition box. You always got to remember the hubby or boyfriend right?!! The smell is very sensual, very musky and soft. It's not too over whelming which I like, and he will HAVE to like ;) This little travel parfum is 5mL and it comes with a cute little cap. 

Nicole By OPI
"Sweet Surrender"

I only own a couple of OPI nail polishes, and I really do enjoy them, its just , I'm not much of a nail polish kinda gal, I like my makeup and facial products. This is a cute little travel size as well 3.75 mL. Its great for maybe 5 -8 uses? both hands? you will need at least 2 coats for it to show up though. Its a good trial size that you can definately get some use out of. The color is a very pale pale pink, almost white. It's a perfect color for weddings and for brides to wear on there big day, actually, hey I might use this on my wedding day, but it will probably be expired by than lol


Youth Renewal Elixir

This product is by Nexxus, I'm sure you all have heard about this company. Nexxus has some amazing hair products and the prices are a tad expensive. I'm not into hair care products either, but it's good of course, to test out new things. This little bottle is 4mL. It says it "combats 8 signs of aging hair" - I'm not sure what aging hair looks like, besides the color turning grey, and losing some hair, along with thinning? sooo maybe I should wait before I test this out, and do some research into this product.

Crabtree & Evelyn
Ultra Moisturizing  Hand Therapy

Ok I have to remind myself why I purchased this box? Half this stuff I wont even use....
This is the fine & dandy Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream. Its infused with macadamia nut oil - (Favorite cookie btw) shea butter and seaweed and algae extracts. Its suppose to make your hands supple after extended use. We shall test this out than, perferably in the winter time. It smells like the sea, its a pretty soothing smell, I like it. 25g

Eyeko London
Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner (Black)

This is one of the reason why I purchased this cute little box.
I've never tried this brand before sooo I was sooo excited to see this, I just had to purchase it.
Eyeko - Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner - the casing is plastic and silver with black lettering.
This is a full size eyeliner, 2g  yay, cause lord knows we females can't get enough of black eyeliners!

Ok so I just had to do a swatch, and I did the swatch right before I did this post soo, here it is.

What do you think?? This baby bleeds like there no tomorrow, I'm actually pretty intimidated by this eyeliner LOL.

See that bleeding? that's from one swift line. Hmmmmm. I like it, I mean the color is blackest black, and it glides perfectly, but the bleeding, ohhhh jezzzz that bleeding - oh well, Ill apply tomorrow before I go out, and hopefully it complies.

KP Duty Moisturizing Therapy

Like I needed another moisturizer in the same box?
Anywho, this is a moisturizer which is mean't to be used on very dry skin. My skin is not that dry, but Ill use it anyways on my elbow's if I ever get around to it, considering I have soo many moisturizers now.

Spectrum Of Stars Eyeshadow in "Vanilla Sunbeam"

This is the other product I was really excited to receive when I ordered this box. I've seen Teeez in a couple of other sub's but never had the chance to get my hands on it. 2g

The packaging is soo adorable.

 This color is a beige/nude.

I tried to swatch this so you can see the color as much as possible, there's also a bit of gold flicks in it. Its perfect to add to your everyday natural look.

Hanae Mori
Butterfly Rollerball

I'm in love with Hanae Mori's products. I ordered a sample size of there hand cream from Sephora and fell in love with. This perfume has wild strawberries, sweet blackberries , blackcurrant and bilberries infused in it. It smells very soft, and very romantic. Its my go to perfume now, plus the packaging is cute.

Overall I'm pleased with this box, but will not be subscribing to there regular sub's.
I paid 35$ CDN with free shipping for this box, but I don't think it was worth it price wise.

Mrs Chic.