Sunday, January 25, 2015

Decided to stop by the T&T Market in Ottawa because I've been craving some Japanese snacks.
I tried to find some Japanese snacks online, but shipping charges are pretty expensive, so I chanced my luck with T&T - and they had pretty much everything I was looking for. Pocky, and other treats.
The prices were pretty good there as well, way more cheaper than if I was to buy online + shipping fee's. In total I spent 68$ - there's a few more other things I purchased but I didn't include them in this blog haul because they were little sandwhich's that were already eaten by my daughter and fiance' by the time we made it home lol

I love Pocky, so I was excited to see that they released the almond crush at T&T - These ones are bit more expensive than your regular Pocky though, which was 5.49$ for three packs of 4 = 12 sticks. It's still a great price, for a unique treat.

I've been dying to get my hands on these. There called "Collon" by Glico. There's several other flavors but this one is called "Ice Cream Float Soda" - It's a wafer wrapped in a ice cream soda flavor. These things are loaded with sugar, so I could only have a few - but the taste is pretty unique, and it does taste pretty good, but I wouldn't suggest you eat these everyday lol

I'm a huge fan of Kracie "Poppin Cookin" DIY treat kits so I picked up the "Ice Cream Parlor" kit. I paid 5.99$ for this one. This one is selling for 6.99$-9.99$ online, which is pretty steep, so I'm glad I went to T&T before purchasing online. This kit is relatively easy. Mix some water with the sugar, and your done, you can than decorate the little cones are wafers. Fun stuff!!

Meiji is a pretty popular treat distributor In Japan. These are a "knock-off" from Pocky. - but I must say there yummy - there also much thicker than your regular Pocky, and there more crunchier. I definately enjoy these better than your traditional Pocky.

Caplico is another well known brand in Japan. This treat is called "Sweet Sand" - The center tastes like an aero bubble bar with chocolate and green tea, and on top is a green tea  wafer. Its delicious, and worth those extra calories lol.

Pocky just released a new flavor. Pocky Midi Taro Potatoe. These are sooo cute, and very yummy. The first bite my set your taste buds off a bit, but by the time it settles on your tongue the flavors start to settle. It's a very unique tasting treat.

Rose Petals are amazing for your digestive system. It also helps rid of bacteria's in your body.
These Rose petal drinks have an amazing aromatic scent to them, and they taste amazing. These are small cans, but well worth 2.49$ that I spent on each.

WARNING - Do not buy these unless you like very very hot wasabi. I didn't know that these would be that hot, but these are extremely hot. Not only are they hot but they taste disgusting. Ughhhh - bad idea purchasing these.

I'm a huge fan of Meiji's Melty Kiss and Melty Whips. The texture in these just melt in your mouth and the different flavors are exciting. I purchased Melty Kiss Soya Bean and Melty Kss regular Winter.

The melty kisses are individually wrapped and tiny little packs. My favorite is the Soya bean. I do wish they were a bit bigger but there's at least 16 pieces so that's ok. Each box was 4.99$ kind of steep. - These taste a bit like ZERO melts that you can by in dollar stores.

Strawberry Corn puffs are another one of my favorites that I purchase regularly from T&T. There's 230 Calories per bag, and they taste like strawberries plus the packaging is adorable. I paid 1.99$ for one bag.

Last purchase was these cute Pocky heart shaped strawberry sticks. The biscuit is shaped like a heart. I think these were released just in time for Valentines Day, which is pretty neat. They taste like your regular strawberry pocky sticks.

Overall I spent about 68$ CDN with Taxes (excluding a few other things I purchased that's not in this haul)
It's always fun trying new foreign treats to try out, especially at really good prices.

Mrs Chic

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