Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fountain Beauty

An update to my Fountain Beauty "The Beauty Molecule" that I purchased about 1 week ago.

After the third day of taking a teaspoon once a day, I started getting really bad back, and rib pain. I figured it might have been my posture, but the pain went on for the next 7 days. I was confused and the pain never left, and it only started after I started taking the daily doses of Fountain Beauty's molecule. I stopped taking the doses yesterday and low and be hold, the back and rib pain completely stopped. So it turns out I'm allergic to this stuff, not sure what as there's very few ingredients in it, but if you do allergies, be aware this may cause additional allergic reactions. I don't personally have any allergies, which was strange considering this molecule gave me a reaction.

As for any health benefits - nothing.
As for an "beauty" benefits - I did not see any results, except for the excruciating back and rib pain, which has now stopped (Thank God)

I don't recommend this product, and if you are still curious about it, be cautious. I wouldn't say its dangerous, but everyone's body reacts differently to certain things.

In the end, it's a waste of money, a cash grab, just eat healthy.

Mrs Chic

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