Monday, January 5, 2015

Laduree Paris has teamed up with Sonny Angels from Japan to create a darling little Kewpie for Laduree's new launch of pasteries.
 Sonny Angel is a character which said to be a boyfriend who will make you smile and feel at peace. These are available at Laduree Paris and other locations. You can also purchase the individual"Blind Boxes" with one mystery character in them for about 15-18$ - I've have found them for sale, the blind boxes but the shipping on them is outrageous, I might cave in and purchase one though so I can see it in full detail, because these Kewpie's are so darling.

 These are the blind boxes floating around the internet currently, although they are very rare to get a hold of, its not impossible, unless you want to pay very expensive shipping on these cuties.
There's a  total of 13 designs, 12 normal designs and 1 secret design, sold in each box (not every blind box comes with a secret design)

Yummy!! These are the boxes these limited edition Sonny Angel dolls come with -The Macaroon boxes comes in 4 types, Patisserie Palme, Patisserie Blue, Patisserie Rose and Patisserie Macaroons and a cute little doll ?! YES PLEASE!

I will keep doing some more research on where to find these cuties, but currently it seems that the market is saturated with these only in Australia, in which they do not ship to North America.
Ill try Japan next but again, shipping from there can run up to 60$ for something this small..
Will updated if and when I order one.

Mrs Chic

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