Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Essentials Masks


Memebox released a new mask box right before the holiday's and I'm sooooo glad I purchased it.
Winter Essentials Masks by Memebox is one of my favorite mask boxes that they have curated in a very long time. They added a lot of NEW and different mask packs and sheet masks, along with a patting water. With such a large variation of products, this definately makes up for the past boxes that were just horrible! Maybe it's a good thing Memebox has been releasing smaller amounts of boxes, so that they can concentrate on making each box amazing.


1: RIRE Patting Water "Lifting" 300mL (42$) - Works to balance skins PH levels, lifts away dead skin cells , enhances skin tones for a smoother complexion.

2: VELIEVE Girlish Masks 20mL x3ea (7$) -All natural ingredients works to help skin problems.

3: INOFACE Real Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask Collagen - 23mL (2$) - Works to soothe skin, moisturize, and firm.

4: LASSIE'EL Raspberry Age Defying Yogurt Massage Mask Packs  12g (6$) - Replenishes and relives dry skin which helps the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

5: ESTHETIC HOUSE Collagen Jelly Mask Pack 100mL (13$) - Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, tightens, making your skin firmer and healthier.

6: PURE SMILE Jewerly Bubble Packs x2 (2$) - 40 kinds of vitamins and minerals helps tighten pores and deeply cleanses skin.

The VELIEVE Masks are so cute!! I love the little girl - I really do hope they are good though and can't wait to use them! Im' glad they added three (3) of them + The Inoface mask, which I'm really excited to try as well.

RIRE Patting Water (Tighten) is made with evening primrose extracts and it helps tighten skin. I'm all about skin tightening products so this is going to be loved!

 When I first saw Lassie'els packaging for there masks I thought they were so adorable. It comes in a quality plastic box, with four (4) packs of product. This product helps with aging, and lord know's I ain't getting any younger, so these will be fun to test out as well :)

 6$ for four (4) packs, is a great deal. There high quality and you can see that just in the packaging.

I've always been very leary to Collagen packs that contain pig fat... It just really scares me because I'm a huge animal advocate and knowing that an animal is in a product... I can't justify using it.. that's why I always try and buy stuff that has no animal products in.. I'm sure it's a great product, but just not for m.

 I purchased 3 dozens of these Puresmile bubble packs a few months ago, yet have never used any of them so far. I love the packaging and I really do hope these don't disappoint.

Loveeeeeee the Winter Essentials Mask box by Memebox!! Let's hope they keep up with it :)

Mrs Chic

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